Republicans Still Oppose Marriage Equality, Sun Still Rises In East, Etc., Etc.

If you were going to take a stand against marriage equality, you probably wouldn’t do it at a meeting in Hollywood.

But then again, you’re probably not a Republican, because that’s exactly what the Republican National Committee has done.

Even better, one of the resolutions the RNC passed unanimously (of course) was introduced by Dave Agema, a Michigan legislator who has been honored by Queerty as Douche of the Week for his homophobic rantings on Facebook.

So now the party is once again on record for supporting traditional marriage.

The real drama is the tension that the RNC move is generating within the party. Last month, a post-mortem of the 2012 election debacle hinted ever-so-gently that perhaps the anti-gay thing might be a bit, you know, de trop.

In particular, it doesn’t sit well with young voters, and even with young Republican voters. But the party base, which has given us politicians of the Agema ilk, sees things entirely differently.

In fact, even as the rest of the country is getting more comfortable with marriage equality, a new poll finds that Republicans are as opposed to it as they were in 1999.  That’s the group the party is pandering to, even at the expense of its own future demographic demise.

Meantime, the right wing isn’t at all happy that the subject is even open to debate. The Family Research Council has called on its followers to stop donating to the GOP until the party draws a line in the sand on marriage equality.

Fun times all around.