Mutant and Proud

Researchers discover “gay genes” help straight guys have more sex

Get Professor X on the phone. Gay people might have superpowers–to have more sex. Even stranger, straight people with some of the same genes may also have the same predisposition to have more sex.

Researchers in Massachusetts have announced the findings of a new study conducted by the Broad Institute linking so-called “gay genes” to mating success, even among heterosexuals. The full study has yet to go public.

The study encompassed data from more than 300,000 heterosexuals who answered questions about their own sexual tastes. Scientists also pulled data from about 28,000 subjects who had gay encounters as well. Researchers then compared the results of the two groups and identified a number of genes which correlated to sexual behavior. The final results surprised the investigators.

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First, the study observed that being gay directly correlates to genetics, though it appears likely that homosexuality is not caused by a single gene. “This is not saying that someone is going to be heterosexual or not,” said Benjamin Neale, a geneticist at the Broad Institute. “It’s really saying there is going to be a slightly higher or a slightly lower chance.” Furthermore, the research also revealed that heterosexuals with at least some of the “gay genes” had more sex and more sexual partners. Data also showed that men with these genes were also deemed more physically attractive.

The study had less success in finding genetic correlations among lesbians. Still, the results should bring comfort and encouragement to gay people. Not only were we born this way, but we also will enjoy more sex and better looks.

Call it our mutant powers.