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These resurfaced pics of Harry Styles dressed in full Ariel drag have Twitter divided

Who knew some lighthearted Disney cosplay could be so controversial?

Some photos of Harry Styles dressed up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid resurfaced on social media recently, eliciting a whole host of strong reactions.

According to Newsweek, the photos were taken when the singer hosted Saturday Night Live in November 2019.

Several fans saw the humor, adding their own jokes and memes.

“Sources say that Harry Styles will be playing the role of Ariel in the upcoming Disney movie ‘The Little Mermaid,'” wrote one.

Another shared a side-by-side of one of the shots with another of Styles looking like Prince Eric, tweeting: “ariel and prince eric are the best Disney couple.”

Not everyone was as amused.

“The straights are so obsessed with trying to be different lol,” wrote one clearly very original gay fan.

“He want this attention so bad,” added another, who seemed to miss the part about these being SNL promo shots from two years ago.

Others jumped to his defense, with one observing: “The amount of homophobia in these replies is not surprising. They can’t grasp the topic of the fact that clothes are clothes, they don’t have a gender.”