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This revealing picture of Justin Trudeau has gone viral for all the right reasons

Not much to say here that you don’t already know: Canada’s Prime Minister is a total fox.

And not only for his exceedingly good looks — did you happen to catch his explanation of quantum computing that made the rounds? Beauty, meet brains.

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But getting back to those looks, a photo quickly went viral today that shows off Trudeau’s curves in all the right ways.

Here he is in all his glory:

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    • Gian85

      I would rather rim TRUMP

    • Rich1103

      You Queens are just jealous that you don’t have ass near as good and know brain combined. Justin Trudeau has it all and is cared for by so many who respect him, why don’t your direct your hate to TRUMP

    • pudman56

      If Gian85 wants to rim Trump, have at it. Trust me, just get in line behind his Oval Officers in command, they’ll be some left for you.

    • RExxx59A

      And a well deserved “salute” to your Prime Minister.

  • RIGay

    In the words of Lili Von Sctupp, “Oh, I think I wov him! [sigh]….”

    • Low Country Boy

      That is a great reference. I miss her spirit. Thank you for making my day!

    • Sluggo2007

      Thanks for my first laugh of the day.

    • SteverB1

      The Cryptkeeper before he lost all that weight.

  • Walker

    I get that in our current situation anyone looks fantastic next to Il Douchebag, but I’d understand the excessive adoration of this guy more if he didn’t seem dumber than a bag of hammers and a winner of the genetic lottery. Keep in mind, he’s PM for pretty much the same reason Dubya became president. And he is far less popular among Canadians than he is among Americans.

    • DarkZephyr

      You guys sound spoiled then unable to appreciate an incredibly good thing while your neighbors are stuck in a real life Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. We will trade you if you want.

    • AlliterationAddict

      @marc sfe

      Eh. Having done some (admittedly very basic) research in quantum machine simulations, his explanation wasn’t actually that great. The way quantum machines actually work is kind of different – what he was talking about was a more simplified version that is used to explain things to layman. Sort of like the quantum computing equivalent of describing the internet as a bunch of tubes.

      With that said, you don’t need to understand quantum computing in order to be a good leader. What you do need is the humility to listen to experts and express concern over making the right decisions. I would much prefer a leader who listens quietly to a smart scientist and then relays that to the press than a figure like Trump who doesn’t think he needs to listen to anybody. So there’s the obvious fact that Trudeau seems brighter than average (though not as smart as some people think) and Trump is a downright moron. But what’s more significant is that Trudeau clearly has the right temperament to lead, and I think that’s more important than intelligence. Call it social intelligence if you want to.

      Also, apparently he has an amazing butt.

  • CommentByMale

    He knows what he’s doing. ;P

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    Trudeau is terrible, but he’s attractive, so that’s all that matters.

    • Hussain-TheCanadian

      Terrible how?

    • leeddie_clifcan

      assplain yourself sir or madame

  • kurt_t

    Yeah, but be honest with yourself. How long until that translating everything he says into French thing would start to get old?

  • Sluggo2007

    I find him very average looking (except for that ass).

    • Jack Meoff

      No Joe Trudeau is visiting Malcolm Trunbull in Australia.

  • Blackceo

    Ooo thats pretty nice. Yeah he’s cute and I love the way he fended off Trump’s creepy handshake by coming in close and grabbing Trump’s arm to deny that hard yank Trump likes to do. Justin was like not today MFer….not today!!!!

  • Billy Budd

    He is magnificent. Don`t be offended, but I wanna penetrate the presidency.

  • tanglewood

    Ok he is cute but to base your political
    Logic on looks then not only is this
    Shallow but over the top dumb

  • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

    If this was a woman everyone would be offended by people going on over this picture he didn’t pose for.

    • KaiserVonScheiss


    • hazelsimmons566

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  • re_horst

    I’m moving to Canada just for that ass!

  • batesmotel

    He’s always been a hottie. Too bad he’s married. But this photo is alone only confirms why people voted for him. It was for his looks.

  • pudman56

    Well, first off, I think Trudeau is very good looking and like the rest (most) of you, what a bum! And I’m not even a butt man. But even more importantly time and time again I notice when a person is called upon to explain and support their comment…silence. Until the next dumb thing they want to say. That would apply to KaiserVonScheiss. That generally leads me to one place…they didn’t know what they were talking about in the first place and if you read his first comment, you’ll know what I mean.

    And let me finish by saying I’d much rather be a Canadian than an American and yes, I would gladly emigrate there and become a citizen, but health problems, unfortunately, have left me out of that lottery so here I am, in Trumpnazi land. Where I at least still have freedom of speech…for now.

  • silveroracle

    What a gorgeous arse.

  • Black Pegasus

    His youthfulness, and power as a head of state is what makes him attractive. And yes, I would face hump him.

    • hazelsimmons566

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  • Ellie533

    It’s a flattering picture of a beautiful behind which is attached to many other great attributes. It is not just like ogglling a woman because Queerty is not Time magazine. It is intended for gay men not straight women. If you are a lesbian and offended then leave, delete the app and go find somewhere nicer to play. This need for Americans of all stripes to have something to be outraged about is 30% real and 70% media hype and 100% very tiring.

  • davidkohl

    The man is younger than almost every other head of government in the world so of course by comparison he looks better. A dead hippo would appear in a favourable light compared to a the illegitimate President of the USA. For me, the Prime Minister of Canada is quite average in looks for his age group and background. After all, from birth he has had access to the best education, health care and so on as the son of another Canadian prime Minister. In my opinion the most attractive thing about him is his humanity and unwillingness to be bullied by The Odious Man in the White House. Ok he has a nice butt – but then millions of men do.

    • JoeyRamone

      And billions of men don’t, but thanks for the, um. . . insight?

  • tibble22

    Prime Minister Trudeau is far from “average looking”. He is very good looking and is very intelligent. Canada is very fortunate to have Mr. Trudeau representing your Nation!

    • davidkohl

      Well of course ‘looks’ are very subjective. What to me is average to you might be stunning and vice versa. The point is that his looks have nothing to do with his job nor his intellect. Whether or not he is a ‘good’ Prime Minister for Canada I will leave to the Canadians to comment on but as I said previously his international standing is high because of his polar opposite views to the thug in the White House.

  • rj_topher

    The fact is that a large number if not all of us making comment here would gladly lust over the sight of Justin, his ass or his bulge, given the chance. He emits the aura of sexual attraction that any gay man can hardly resist. I like his eyes, i love his ass

    • davidkohl

      You might be right about the ‘large number’ of gay men lusting after him but not ‘all’ – apart from myself who does not, there are others commenting who do not seem to be lusting. No one is suggesting that he is gross like the occupant of the White House. He is a perfectly passable looking man whose ass would look great in lycra, but that is about it. I can’t believe that I was drawn into commenting on this – guess I have a shallow side after all. :-)

  • BGinBigD

    The phrase “Oh, Canada” brings all new meaning when I see a pic of Trudeau! The man is so HOT, nice and intelligent, EVERYTHING Trump is not!

  • Mmmrrrggglll

    Definition of rump

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