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Ricky Gervais Read The Bible, And Knows God Is Not Gay. Noah? Maybe

Just before Christmas, HBO debuted Ricky Gervais’ Out of England 2, one of those comedy specials that make paying for HBO worth it. And yet, I haven’t had a chance to see it yet! But it’s a Christmas miracle this clip surfaced online, where the comedian takes us through the Book Of Noah, finds out God sounds kind of angry, calling for the annihilation of all of mankind for single infractions. And when his pal (and former show producer) Karl Pilkington heard that, Ricky says he responded, “It sounds gay.” Implores Ricky (who’s previously taken on gays in the animal kingdom): “God is not gay. Read the Bible. He hates them.”

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  • Oh boy

    I think he should read stories from the Koran in modern day UK, and see what kind of reaction he gets.

  • scribe

    I was having a bad day b4 I saw that … Fucking funny.. thanx queerty

  • Owen

    Um…when did Ricky Gervais get hot?

  • thedarkchariot

    Man, Ricky Gervais is sexy. His comedy (and that snazzy beard) makes me love him!

  • scott ny'er

    OK. That was effin’ funny. I loved it. Great stuff.

  • AusAde

    @Oh boy: He was referring to a text that he received as a child.

    His critique is based upon something central to his early life, not one of religions generally. Too precious, much?

  • Jim Hlavac

    And lo, look, right there in the drawing of the animals, presented on the screen, along with the toucans, the scene which the comedian missed — look at the two lions – Why, they’re both guy lions! They both have manes, thick and luxurious manes. And only male lions have manes. And every Noah and the Ark set that I recall has two male lions. Go to a Christian bookstore today, it’s quite wild to see the two male lions awaiting passage on the Ark. Which is most intriguing for the gayness of it all. And as a parable, perhaps, that one of these days the hetero lions will lie down with us gay lambs, and their swords be made to plowshares.

  • adman

    Kinda funny, but way two slow in the delivery. The pace of his act is slow, (straight guy) his wordplay is simple,(straight guy) and his ad-libs delivered as clunker puns happen much too infrequently (straight guy). Oh well, stupid straights who need a screen and a pointer to get a joke are entitled to see comedy too, I guess. He should try his act in drag, maybe that’ll light a fire under his ass.

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