Ricky Martin’s shadow, Kelechi’s crop top, & Billy Porter’s fruity drink

This week gay Twitter thirsted for a horrible Republican, Andrew Rannells described having on-screen sex with Tuc Watkins, and LGBT activists hoisted a rainbow flag high above Ukraine. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Brian Jordan Alvarez took a shower.

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Kelechi rocked a crop top.

River Viiperi stayed in bed.

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Dreaming is for free. ?

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Ricky Martin cast a shadow.

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#pausaplay link in bio . ?: @jwanyosef

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Bruno Alcantara swam in the ocean.

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?It’s not cold. It is psychological ??

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Mehcad Brooks sat on the porch.

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“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” #BobMarley These words have never rang more true. Racism is a mental health concern for millions and I have had to emancipate myself from the #PTSD #chronicstress and the #paranoia it causes and how that manifests in the body consciousness. May I recommend you take it that seriously. It is your health after all. • The dichotomy of racism is such that it is also a mental illness that is perpetuated by weak-minded, insecure, violent prone, ignorant people suffering from delusional disorder. Mark my words. By 2030 the medical community will classify racism as a sickness of the mind. You are not mentally fit if you think your skin makes you superior to others. You’re sick. And I feel sorry for you because you’re likely attacking so many things in life that are wasting your precious human energy. (Do not misunderstand this comment to mean mentally ill people are violent or racist. I mean racist people are mentally ill. Yes. I mean that. And don’t misunderstand this comment to mean mentally ill people get a pass for their behavior. That would be insulting to mentally ill people. There is a very large tent within mental illness. It ranges from cognitive behavioral abnormalities to psychosis. There are a lot of distinctions in between and all should be treated with care. But it is the mentally ill person or their loved ones responsibility to get them treated not society’s burden) • I invite you to have compassion and sympathy for an extremely weak, delusional and easily influenced mind. This is the road I’m taking instead of anger and sadness. It’s healthier and it’s more effective in communicating with the people who are on the racially bias spectrum who can be swayed into rationality. The others are simply lost causes and need help, treatment and have their violent tendencies under the control of mental health professionals. • Btw. If you disagree take the time to create your own post and don’t waste your time writing a comment that I’m going to block you for. Namaste. #justakidfromaustin #antiracist #antiracism #blm #mehcadbrooks #wearehere #blacktraumamatters #tulumbeach

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Titanius Maximus smoked some.

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Baby pass me the hookah ? ? #PAPI

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Seth G prepped John Halbach and Kit Williamson for their benefit workout tomorrow.

Adrian Anchondo showed off his plant.

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Plant Papi ? ?? #isolation

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Wilson Cruz sat on the floor.

Dato Foland ditched his swimsuit.

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be careful storm… ?

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Mike Rizzi gave the dog a bath.

Dave Coast cleaned the beach.

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It's officially summer, which means…..the #dailydip is back! This will be my third summer in a row committing to a daily ocean plunge, followed by a beach clean-up ??. After my dip tonight, I also decided to check out the #pride lights on the @DTSantaMonica #ThirdStreetPromenade. There's plenty of room to #socialdistance (especially on weeknights) and with this weather, you can't find a better place to get some fresh air and support local businesses ??. In case you find yourself in SM this summer, a few of my favorite spots are: @backyardbowls for acai, @eatflowerchild for healthy eats, @elephante for a special lunch/dinner, @uovopasta to carb-load, and the new @santamonicaproper (for a gorge home base during your visit). See ya in the ?! #DTSantaMonica #samopride

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Billy Porter made a drink.

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BLACK ?? PRIDE ?? JOY ?? #ad I celebrate my Black Pride by standing boldly in my authenticity. With every breath and action I take, I consciously choose my truth and I try to reveal that power through my art, my activism and my humanity. Celebrating Pride 2020 weekend with @ketelone_us, a longtime supporter of the LGBTQIa community. Thank you for your donation to the @translawcenter, a non-profit org that does what it takes to keep trans & gender nonconforming people alive, thriving, and fighting for liberation. ? #BlackJoy #BlackPride #Pride2020 Photo & Fashion Direction by @sammyratelle Jacket by @theblondsny Bathing suit by @patrickchurchny Sunglasses by @islynyc Shoes by @shoedaism Necklace by @mckenzieliautaudjewelry

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Willie Gomez got some sun.

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Cuéntenme que hacen ???? los leo ?

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Terry Miller wiped his forehead.

Taylor Bennett flexed.

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Victor Turpin got a tank tan.

Max Emerson caught some waves.

Matthew Camp got sweaty.

Ashley Mckenzie vibed in the garden.

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Garden vibes ??

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Cameron Dallas dropped a new single.

Eliad Cohen showed off his veins.

And Gregg Sulkin worked out at home.

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