Pop Brownies

Ripped Firefighters With Pups, ‘Beaches’ Remake, ‘Nashville’ Goes Gay

Hey, if you haven’t picked up your 2017 calendar featuring musclebound firefighters snuggling up to adorable puppies, we have a question: What the hell is wrong with you? Order HERE.

Ready to hear all the biggest pop hits of 2016 smashed together into one great big sonic blob? This mashup by DJ Earworm gives you 365 days of hits in 3:57 minutes.

If you’ve been worrying over the whereabouts of that “Can you Hear Me Now?” dude, you can rest easy: He’s shopping for Xmas trees with his hubby in this new Sprint ad, k?

Looks like gay country singer Will Lexington will be seduced by a sexy newcomer (Murray Bartlett of Looking) in the upcoming season of Nashville. Bonus: they’re adding a transgender character played by Jen Richards. (Cue twangy power cord.)

Hey misery merchants, let’s be sad! Check out Idina Menzel’s cover of “Wind Beneath My Wings” for the ill-advised Lifetime Channel remake of 1988 sniffle-inducer Beaches. Who knows? Maybe she’ll pull through this time.