Rob Lowe Simply Loves Meeting Guys On Grindr

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.35.36 AMIn the sea of entertainment options, it’s hard to break through. Take Rob Lowe and his new comedy half-hour series The Grinder.

It’s a clever and often hilarious take on those overly dramatic law procedurals co-staring Fred Savage, but how to get the word out?

Well, luckily for Lowe, he’s discovered a new app that exists solely to connect guys who love to watch The Grinder.

It’s called Grindr, and guys from all over can link up so they can chat, meet up and, of course, watch The Grindr.

One guy Rob chats with is even DTF, just like Rob — a “dedicated television fan.”

Watch below as Rob navigates his way around this new digital wonderland:

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