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Robin is suddenly having a VERY queer moment and ‘Batman’ superfans are gagging

One year after Robin had his first comic-certified boy crush, the acrobatic bat boy is taking his representation status to new heights.

We’ve covered the allyship in the recent WB Games title Gotham Knights before. They added a new WeHo-esque gayborhood to Gotham, put a lovely rainbow mural in a sidequest, and even reinstated Nightwing’s beloved backside (it’s allyship to us!).

It doesn’t stop there, however! Recently canonized (y’know, made canon) bisexual Tim Drake gets a storyline with his love interest that has fans rejoicing.

We’ve known for some time that the game would make reference to the character’s sexuality, as confirmed by Narrative Director Amy Lemay on the game’s official discord.

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“Tim is bi in the comics, therefore Tim is bi in the game,” she wrote. “It’s not a huge plot point – it’s just a part of who he is and this comes up in the character interactions we have in the Belfry within the scope of how normal conversations would bring this up.”

Indeed, multiple cutscene conversations between the bat-siblings concern Tim’s developing crush on his friend Bernard. In an early conversation, he admits that a guy asked him out and he said yes, to which Batgirl responds, “That’s great! It’s been a while since you and that last girl broke up.” Bicon confirmed in ten seconds flat!

One YouTuber supercut the cute, quippy convos together:

Bernard first asked this iteration of Robin out in Batman: Urban Legends issue #4 back in 2021 to much fanfare — as well as the expected amount of homophobic comic bro meltdown.

Now, the couple are taking their visibility to a new level. The cover of the upcoming sixth issue in the Tim Drake: Robin series finds the two in a loving embrace, sharing a kiss as Robin’s cape billows around them.

All while backlit by a glittery Gotham skyline…

There’s always been something of a link between this particular sidekick and the gays.

The old-timey “sky’s out, thighs out” Robin outfit (and Batman‘s overall camp) had folks in the ’60s wondering if he weren’t a little light on his feet, and Chris O’Donnell’s Robin kicked off a million gay awakenings in the ’90s. It being made official has just made sense!

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