Rock Hudson’s Partner Marc Christian Dead (Of Drug Overdose?)


Marc Christian, either the “good friend” or “partner” (according to Wikipedia) of late Rock Hudson (pictured), has died of a reported drug overdose. Hudson’s estate was sued by Christian after Hudson’s death, with the actor’s former lover claiming “intentional infliction of emotional distress” after Hudson, knowing he had AIDS, continued having sex with Christian for eight months. Christian, who tested HIV-negative, was awarded $14.5 million in a jury trial.

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  • David Ehrenstein

    Marc Christian wasn’t a “partner” of Rock Hudson. He was a boytoy on the side. Hudson was surrounded by a posse of older semi-offical (and deeply closeted) lovers — with whom he’d drink to excess starting right after breakfast. Christian was one of the many who popped into this menage from time to time so Rock could get a quick and easy fuck.

  • Qjersey

    Rock was a power bottom, Marc has a huge cock. ’nuff said.

  • Marcus

    Rock was so fucking skanky.

  • John

    @ No.2 – Qjersey

    So did Rock Hudson, if Armistead Maupin is to be believed – something about “the size of a baby’s arm” if i recall…

  • John Moore

    I met and had a number of sexual encounters with Marc in the late 80’s while living in L.A. There was no safe sex involved and no disclosure.
    Imagine my shock six months after we lost contact when I saw him on the news suing the estate for non disclosure!
    It was this incident that prompted me to take the test and indeed I was positive.
    Whether or not the infection came from Marc I will never know and don’t really care to know but I always marvelled at the hypocricy of his lawsuit.

  • Marcus

    John, Marc wasn’t positive as far as I know. He sued because, according to him, Rock put him at great risk.

    Why didn’t you get in contact with Mark Miller & Rock’s lawyers when this whole thing went down?

  • john moore

    I assumed responsibility for my own actions and quite frankly don’t agree with all these lawsuits. I must admit the thought occurred to me but it would have made me a hypocrite.

  • FakeName

    The story’s been pulled from the Advocate’s website and Musto (the source of all the reports including this one) is now saying that he’s being told that Christian died in April or September and that Christian has issued falase reports of his own death before.

  • David

    After Marc Christian sued Rock Hudson’s estate, a year or so later, I was introduced to him at a dinner party. At the time I just didn’t connect him with Rock Hudson. He was very much a polite gentleman and ask me out, so I went out with him a couple of times. He was never trashy or bitchy acting, never even mentioned Rock Hudson. He was just a very polite & charming man.

  • Groofe

    This guy was a horrible person, a liar, a thief, a selfish ass! Just read what happened after Rock Hudson’s death! He just waited until Rock died and even before, he tried to steal things from the house, a security man held him once back!
    The record collection was stolen, hundrets of records, how much time need somebody to bring that out of a house when other persons are still in the house?
    It was all planned, the first meeting, the relationship and so on! He knew that Rock Hudson loved blond strong guys, everybody knew that in the community!
    But Hudson had enough of him very early but MC went on, he knew exactly that the relationship with Rock was over month ago and lied in the front of a judge and after all he played the role of the last loving boyfriend of Rock Hudson! He brought up other men to the house, he had Sex with them in Rock Hudson’s bed! The Butler saw them! He never was the nice boyfriend, he was bad for Hudson, he hurt him, he refused to leave the house! All the bills he had to pay, he just send to Rock!
    It’s a scandal that he got so much money, all the money should went to the Aids-victims and not to this Ass! And now he died on a drug overdose, the official version is lung problems! Whatever, I hope he braises in hell!

  • Whateve


  • evji108

    Why did they run an article about Marc Christian without a photo of him?

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