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Ron DeSantis’ latest proposal proves he wants only the worst for Florida students

It seems that yelling at children to unmask and forcing trans students to be outed to their parents aren’t enough for this mess of a governor.

Three years after signing a bill allowed public school teachers to be armed, DeSantis is putting forth a new push to militarize the classroom.

He now wants to instate any and all underqualified veterans as full-time teachers:

The governor proposed that any veteran with half a bachelor’s degree worth of credits and a single subject area test should be able to teach–certification be damned!

It’s clear that he’s decided that for Florida, this answer to the teachers’ shortage is not better conditions and salary for educators, but less qualified educators in the classroom.

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According to DeSantis, the problem with educators in his state (you know, the state with the third lowest literacy rate in the country) is that “the requirements to be a teacher have been too rigid.”

He also cites that veterans have “a wealth of knowledge and experience they can bring to bear in the classroom.” While there are undoubtedly areas of knowledge specific to service members, the idea that military training prepares one to teach general studies is a wild one.

All of this is especially remarkable coming from a loudly outspoken member of the party that just last month attempted to block the PACT Act, a veteran healthcare bill, before caving to intense public backlash.

This governor is no stranger to getting his ideas (and general character) torn up on social media for short-sightedness, hypocrisy, and general lack of awareness.

This latest proposal is no different:

Drag Race icon Trixie Mattel might have the most politically informed and analytical take of all:

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