Rosie’s Got A Way With Words

Rosie‘s one ballsy babe lady. The outspoken comedienne used yesterday’s Matrix Awards to voice her View of age-old nemesis, Donald Trump. Grabbing her coochie, O’Donnell told the Don, “Eat me”. Charming…

Some people had a laugh at Rosie’s lewd ways. Beth Ellen Keyes of N.Y. Women in Communications – which hosts the annual luncheon – wrote her lackies: “Rosie was fabulous. Please let Rosie know how much we appreciated her being there. She was just great.”

Democratic attendee Robert Zimmerman, however, had a different reaction: “I was offended by how vulgar and common O’Donnell was. It was especially inappropriate with young people present.” Another woman told Page Six, “I cringed and dove under the table when she said, ‘Eat me’.” She must have misunderstood the carpet muncher’s comment.

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  • Xarro

    Like children don’t say worse things in kindergarten… Besides there’s absolutely no need to say more about Thrump.

  • BeeDee

    Yet another tiresome, juvenile QUEERTY swipe at Rosie O’Donnell. Nice picture, too.


  • dan

    she’s gross, he’s gross, anything to do with either of them is lose lose. is there any way to get them on a plane together and shoot it down?

  • Shane Willmon

    Those comments were very ‘Imus’ of her. Great example of the political double standard. Not only her comments, but the reactions to it.

  • acyclovir

    Good work!

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