Rowling Talks Gay Dumbledore (Again)

Dumbledore’s the Lance Bass of fictional magicians!

The wizard seems more famous now that’s gay than when people thought he liked old witches. You can be sure, then, that Mr. D came up in a recent chat between Harry Potter creator JK Rowling and a Scottish paper. The paper delves deep into gay Dumbledore, who Rowling says lost his moral compass after falling in love. Funny, we lost something else…

Rowling also addresses the outrage following Dumbledore’s outing:

It is a very interesting question because I think homophobia is a fear of people loving, more than it is of the sexual act. There seems to be an innate distaste for the love involved, which I find absolutely extraordinary. There were people who thought, well why haven’t we seen Dumbledore’s angst about being gay?

People have to examine their own attitudes. It’s a shade of character. Is it the most important thing about him? No, it’s Dumbledore for God’s sake. There are 20 things that are relevant to the story before his sexuality.

It seems to us all those magical teenage hormones post more danger. What would parents say if Potter turned evil and date raped that girlfriend of his, huh?