You Betta Werq

RuPaul Ryan Is Ready To Bring Her Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve And Talent To The Romney Campaign

Gentlemen, start your engines. And may the best candidate…WIN!

If only the 2012 Presidential election was like RuPaul’s Drag Race, where Barack Obama and Mitt Romney had to lip-synch for control of the free world. Of course, as Drag Race tradition dictates, the final decision would be left up to Ru.

The folks over at Reddit doctored up this uncanny rendering of Romney’s VP, Paul Ryan, as the illustrious hostess with the mostest and we have to say — homegirl’s looking good. A little concealer, however, never hurt anyone. Let’s get that stubble in check, Ms. Ryan, we don’t want another Willam 5-o’clock-shadow debacle.

If the 2012 election did come down to a lip-synch-off, which song do you think Obama and Romney would choose? The President is known for his soulful stylings, while Romney’s performances have left much to be desired.

Like an appropriate key.

Whatever they would hypothetically choose, we at least hope the wigs and heels stay on. Nothing says “loser” like stripping off the drag thirty seconds in to the performance. This is the White Haus we’re talking about, kids.

Photo: Reddit