RuPaul's Drag Race Changed My Life: Nicole and The 'Terminally Delightful' BenDeLaCreme

Author: Deborah Nelson

BenDeLaCreme with Termally Delighted Fan who has tattooNicole Renee, of Laurel, Delaware (@TheEris10), recently met her drag patronus, BenDeLaCreme, for the first time, at a performance at Town Danceboutique in Washington, D.C.  DeLa was so impressed with Nicole’s newly-inked “Terminally Delightful” tattoo, that she brought Nicole up on stage to show the whole audience.  Nicole, a confirmed Dragaholic, explains how drag brought some much-needed glitter into her life…

[quote]For a very long time something felt like it was missing. I had a good life with great friends, but still my puzzle needed more pieces.

“My life before drag was pretty typical. Work. Work. Work. Never really did a lot for myself. Bad relationship after bad relationship.  Self esteem was pretty fragile. Although I put that face on for the world I was wasting away inside. I was the FAT girl. My friends loved me dearly, but I just couldn’t see myself like they did. And I couldn’t relate to them. I felt lost. Just floating.

“When someone introduced me to RuPaul’s Drag Race, I knew I had found what was missing — glamour and energy. The drag world took me by it’s fabulously manicured hand and I entered the Carnival. It was shiny and loud. Colorful and different. Something I never knew existed.

“I started attending live shows.  The first one I ever went to was Alaska Thunderfuck‘s “Red for Filth.” I told her it was my first drag show ever. She said, ‘Honey, if you think this is a drag show, you’re ruined for life.’ I was hooked.

“The people I’ve met. The queens. They love you. They feed off your energy. They accept you. They appreciate you. You can be yourself and not fear judgment. Underneath it all they are just like you. They have the same fears and they have this persona that enables them to fight it and live life to the fullest. It gives you hope, it makes you smile.

“I have met so many wonderful queens and I never thought it would be possible to love one more than another, but boy was I wrong. In the Season 6 cast reveal, among all the unknown faces, there she was: BenDeLaCreme. I couldn’t tell you now what I fell in love with first, but everything about her melted my heart.

BenDeLaCreme Terminally Delightful tattoo“When I found out I was finally going to get to meet DeLa at Town Dancebotique this month, I knew I had to do something amazing to show my adoration. I decided I wanted to get a tattoo that represented the positive influence that drag has made in my life.  I chose the words “Terminally Delightful” because when I look at my arm I think of DeLa and smile and feel her warmth and strength.

“I can’t possibly express coherently what drag has done for me. DeLa’s spirit radiates in everything she does. It’s hard to express a love for her that just comes naturally.  Meeting her was the greatest moment in my life and knowing what this tattoo means to her makes me feel so proud. I’m so glad I have it.”[/quote]

BenDeLaCreme’s “Terminally Delightful” stage production runs from May 21 thru May 25 at the Laurie Beechman Theater in New York.  For information visit:

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