This Man Must Have A Death Wish

Rupert Rips Madge, Moss

Rupert Everett’s inner bitch came shrieking out this week. The brassiere wearing St. Trinian’s actor blasted former pal Madonna and model Kate Moss for their terrible style:

Forget St Trinian’s, I should really be headmistress of a star academy. All these so-called style divas have such terrible dress sense. I could give them a proper going over, and then put them back on the road.

Ooh, look, Kate Moss’ hands have become almost as grabby as Madonna’s.

Actually, they’re all at it, clutching their handbags with knobbly claws, like it’s stuffed full of cash. That will have to be one of the first week’s lessons at school. How to hold your handbag without looking grasping.

Everett better watch his back! We all know Madonna and Moss both vast international networks of homo agents. They could strike at any time in any way. Our prayers are with you, Rupert…

Note to Madonna and Moss: the “prayers” we promise Everett are in no way a sign of allegiance. Don’t hurt us…

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  • Steve

    Rupert’s name will soon be forgotten – if it isn’t already – but Madonna will surely be remembered forever.

    Such a sad, bitter old queen is he.

  • kelly

    as if Madonna isn’t a bitter old queen- she’s even got the accent…

  • hells kitchen guy

    Dude needs some botox – quick.

  • DavidDust

    Rupert need more than just Botox – he needs an Extreme Makeover. That queen has got some nerve ripping on Madge and Kate Moss!!

  • Emma

    Nice to see someone knocking those haggard old crones. Seems to me that he’s being nothing but honest instead of pandering to their egos.

    Steve, Rupert will never be forgotten he is a true actor luvvy!!

  • Jon

    How is this douchebag going to rip on someone else when it looks like his face was run over by the ugly bus? In addition, he was in 1 hit movie ever and that was 10 years ago, plus he was only the 4th or 5th lead. He wasn’t even the star. Why do we care what he says?

  • angie Cox

    Well said Emma. Jon a hit movie isn’t necessarily a good movie. Have you seen “Gli Occhiali D’oro” or “To Kill a King” We care what he says because he is an intelligent person , we might not always agree ..or just the American junk? I guess all you care about is looks.

  • Chris

    Please. This is simply ridiculous. Madonna looks amazing and is an exceptionally talented and wonderful artist. Who cares what this self-pitying, washed up wannabe has to say?

  • dons888

    An out of work actor/hasbeen will say anything to get publicity.

  • colin

    I’m sure he is just being helpful. There is no doubt that Madonna should take a leaf out of Joan Collins’ book and wear gloves when in public. As long as he leaves Kylie out of it he can carry on.

  • Aaron

    It’s so suprising that society sees gay men as being shallow, hypocritical bithces, when you see the good work people like Rupert are doing, dissing people who have helped his profile at a time when his sexuality could have easily led to a complete dissappearance, and making such profound statements of someone’s value, based on the way they hold their handbags. Way to go, Rupert. Maybe after you’ve taught these women how to hold their handbags (gay misogyny is just as vile as hetero-male misogyny), they can teach you how to hold your tongue.

  • [email protected]

    Perhaps Rupert doesn’t clutch at his man purse because it isn’t filled with much cash?

  • angie Cox

    Rupert is hardly “washed up” and he never will be .He writes amazing books , has written screenplays . I look out for gay misogongy as a straight woman.It exists but this is a criticism of a type( not of women in general) . The grace of Elizabeth Taylor , The Queen even , isn’t he talking about M and K having money but no grace , no style .I don’t think we’ve taken away his right to have an opinion on what anyone wears . You all ( a few exceptions) seem to dump a very fine actor when he isn’t in the latest blockbuster rubbish. I’ve never seen a bad performance only the odd bad script. Is he right that they’d light their cigarettes off him in gay clubs now because he’s not the beautiful boy from “Another Country” ? Thank-God my husband hasn’t dumped me because I am 25 years older than when he met me . As for how much cash he has I wouldn’t go betting he doesn’t have it because he doesn’t flash it around , he has class in more ways than one.

  • Holly

    He may have left America because of the Bush regime and maybe you all resent that but over here he is far from washed up. And if he spent more time writeing he could produce some wonderful works of fiction. Just because he may not be the latest sequinned bauble means nothing and of course he has the right to critisise these sacred cows (in more ways than one). With the exception of film companies like “Sundance” America pours out trash, sadly the British film industry dosn’t seem to have the money to make much or he would be working all the time. As he is at least tri-lingual maybe he will make more European films. A few wrinkles i’d gladly swap for a brain like his.

  • hmmm...

    If by amazing books, you mean the godawful trashy “Darling, Are you still working?” or whatever that thinly disguised memoir he allegedly wrote about an actor working as an escort was called…well, not quite a Jean Jacques Rousseau roman a clef, now, was it? He produces “wonderful works of fiction”? Please. Put a pink frock on him and he would be Barbara Cartland (may she rest in peace).

    Yes, I have seen many of his European movies…and yes, I speak a few languages myself…but the man is far from the magnificent talent that some of these posters proclaim.

    He is a decent actor, moderately talented, no more, no less. I find him, at least based on most of his interviews with the press, to be quite pretentious with an over-inflated sense of self.

    I highly doubt that if the British film industry came into loads of cash that he would suddenly be working in lots of “classy” productions that would definitively demonstrate to the world that he is the reincarnation of Sir Ralph Richardson, as some of these posters would have.

  • Holly

    Sir Ralph was an old ham I’m afraid, maybe you like old hams. I’ve read Rupert’s books and they are funny ( fiction) or remarkable as in his auto-bio. You appear to be the pretentious one dropping names of authors and God awful old actors.

  • To Holly, or is it Rupert's Publicist?

    Whether or not Richardson was a “ham” as you stated is irrelevant…he was widely acclaimed as a superbly talented actor, and received numerous awards.

    How many awards has Rupert received for his acting?

    Back to your duties at the Rupert fan club, my dear.

  • Holly

    The old “has been” was interviewd on T.V yesterday.As ever his manners were impeccable and his chuckle infectious. I’d hate to be Rupert’s publicist if I ever had to deal with arrogant , rude people like you .You are not getting the main point ( that Angie Cox) makes too you seem to be thrown out with the trash if you so much as develop a wrinkle.
    Getting awards is definately not a mark of good acting either , it’s the “in-club” doesn’t everyone know ?That it’s often for the latest trendy face . Sometimes it’s for talent but the British lovies like Olivier are laughable .I think they got them just for staying alive for so darned long . There was maybe a time when they had a stage career for the elite who could afford theatre tickets in their hey-day.

  • angie Cox

    Way to go Holly . I think Olivier was good in “Marathon Man” and that was it .Rupert should have had an award for “Dance with a Stranger” ( amongst others)but they count for very little. Anyone with a sense of humour would laugh until they cried reading “Darling are you Working” …of course this rude man probably only reads high-brow that he can boast about .He’s beginning to remind me of the obnoxious guys on “The Apprentice” .As for Rupert ever being pretentious he’s the most self-deprecating actor with a wonderful sense of the ridiculous .Learn to enjoy and admire a young man who must have been at least a little confused about his sexuality as a child. Have some mercy about his struggles as a gay actor to get roles or are you a homophobe who pops up just for the hell of it ?

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