“Russian Madge” Breaking Out

Now that Madonna‘s reaching her 437th year, it’s time for the universe to find a new ultimate diva.

And Russian popstar Valeriya is gunning for the top spot. In fact, she’s already being referred to as the “Russian Madonna,” which means she must have a big gay following, right? Right. But she’s making sure to cover all her bases:

I don’t like the term gay icon, I just want to be an icon! I wouldn’t mind if they like me, why not. I think that the gay people are very creative, they feel everything very well and have good taste. I hope that my music can help people, especially those that have had to deal with difficult things in their life.

Well, we have a killer blister on our foot and this track – “The Party’s Over” – definitely made it feel better. Thanks, Valeriya! You’re a miracle worker!