Russian Opposition Vocal At Two Gay Events

Russia saw a few gay dust-ups this weekend.

First, activists reported that men “dressed as rappers” attacked their inaugural Day of Silence celebration, kicking and beating them until coppers scared them off.

Then, in a nod to Soviet past, members of the so-called “Russian Vanguard,” gathered to protest gay singer Boris Moiseyev’s performance in Kaliningrad.

Again, coppers intervened, but that’s not stopping the Vanguard’s archaic demands…

“Kaliningrad administration authorities banned us from picketing the concert of Moiseyev pursuant to Article 23 on personal security of the Russian Constitution. Thus, the authorities say that they are going to protect homosexuals, and we disagree with that,” said the leader of this movement Alexander Klementyev to Interfax.

According to Klementyev, “the fear of the officials who protect Moiseyev’s rights for this concert is unclear, as they at the same time violate our own right to say “no” to the singer.”

Klementyev said, the movement members were not going to make any fights with the singer’s fans “not all of whom have such sexual orientation.”

“This picketing will show our demand to re-establish Article 121 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation which existed before and provided for punishment for homosexuality,” said Klementyev.

And, while we’re at it, let’s kill the aristocracy and ration bread. Nostalgia’s in this season…