The sales figures for Matt Gaetz’s crappy book are finally in and OMG how embarrassing

Though he may call himself a “firebrand,” the sales figures from Rep. Matt Gaetz‘s latest book suggest otherwise. Nobody is buying what the embattled congressman is selling.

According to The Daily Beast, Gaetz broke the law when he failed to list how much he made from his crappy book Firebrand, published last September, on his financial disclosure report.

After being called out for the omission, his office said they needed “additional documentation” from the publisher and that they were “in the process of receiving that information and amending the Congressman’s financial disclosure.”

Now, almost a year after the book was released, the report has finally been updated. It shows that Gaetz pocketed $25,000 off the memoir, after giving 30% of his profits to his agent/wedding DJ, Sergio Gor.

The Daily Beast reports:

If Gaetz’s $25,000 claim and publishing terms are accurate, the disclosure indicates Firebrand didn’t exactly burn up the charts. His reported profits suggest the memoir brought in a total of about $59,500 between August and December, netting his contracted publisher, Post Hill Press, a little less than $15,000.

Hardcover copies were originally listed for $27—new ones now go for less than $10—and you can still pick up an ebook for $14.99. To match his disclosure, a $27 price tag would come out to about 2,200 units sold. But even at the low end of $10 a pop, Gaetz would have sold fewer than 6,000 copies of Firebrand across several months.

To make matters even more embarrassing, Gaetz promoted the hell out of the book, hitting the media circuit, blasting social media, and enlisting help from Donald Trump Jr. and Sean Hannity in getting the word out.

He even got then-President Donald Trump to plug it not once but twice on Twitter before his account was permanently suspended for inciting an insurrection.

Yet despite all that, in the end, less than 6,000 copies of Firebrand sold. And we’d guess at least a few of them were purchased by federal investigators, who are probably very curious about the chapter where Gaetz writes about a New Year’s Eve trip he took to Key West in 2019 with two of his “best friends” who are now implicated in his teen sex trafficking investigation.

Both Bombardier Books—the Post Hill imprint that published the book—and distributor Simon & Schuster declined to comment on Gaetz’s dismal books sales. He hasn’t commented either. Probably because he’s too busy posting rapey photos of his new wife, Ginger, to Twitter.

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.