Sam Smith Isn’t Fat And Here’s The Shirtless Pic To Prove It

Sam_Smith_ShirtlessWhen Howard Stern called Sam Smith “fat,” ugly” and “effeminate,” the British crooner took personal offense, and rightfully so.

He initially took to Twitter and wrote, “Can’t believe what I’ve just read.” That was followed by a second tweet that simply read: “Ignore.”

This prompted none other than Bonnie Hunt (remember her?) to voice her support of the 22-year-old R&B/pop singer:

“Sam, you never let all the amazing reviews go to your head, Pls never let negative remarks go to your heart. You are loved,” Hunt tweeted.

Now, the six-time Grammy-nominee is setting the record straight… with a semi-shirtless picture of himself posted to his Instagram account. The selfie proves Smith isn’t fat. (Not that there’s anything wrong with having an inch to pinch! Besides, science says guys with bellies make better lovers.) It also proves that he’s hairy. And we kinda like it.

Seriously, who knew Sam Smith was an otter? He normally looks so clean cut.

In 2014, Smith’s album In The Lonely Hour topped the list of bestselling artist albums and has since been nominated for six Grammys.

Stern has since responded to the controversy by saying, “I feel bad because the guy thinks I don’t like him. I love him,” and adding that he had Tom Petty’s Sam Smith’s song on his playlist.

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