Science Confirms The Bigger The Belly, The Better The Lover

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We’ve already established that guys with bellies drive us bonkers. Now, a new study confirms what we’ve always known to be true: That gentlemen with an inch (or two) to pinch make better lovers… At least when it comes to sexual stamina.

Researchers at Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey have just completed a yearlong study that looked at the correlation between body mass index (BMI) and male sexual performance. Their findings: Overweight men with obvious bellies lasted an astounding five minutes — five minutes! — longer in the sack than their thinner brethren.

A total of 200 men were surveyed. Researchers ultimately found that men with a higher BMI (i.e. bellies) lasted an average of 7.3 minutes in bed. The slimmer of the group barely lasted two minutes, and were more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation.

So let’s say a guy has sex 100 times annually. If he has a belly, he’s going to spend approximately eight hours — an entire work day — more per year penetrating his lover than if he has a six-pack. That’s a substantial amount of time.

The reason for the dramatically higher sexual endurance? More belly fat, scientists say, means a man has more estradiol, a female sex hormone that helps to inhibit orgasm.

So eat up, fellas. Start packing that estradiol. Because when it comes to sex, fat is the new thin.

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  • ingyaom

    The reason for the discrepancy between fat and thin guys is that everything is three and a half times more strenuous for fat guys, so 2 minutes of exertion seems like 7 to them.

  • Paco

    Ha! Yeah, I want to see all the gym bunnies begin to pack on the pounds because it will increase their sexual stamina. Seriously though, the article failed to mention that being overweight can also diminish erections. I’m guessing because of the increase in estradiol.

  • SportGuy

    LOL, whether its true or not, I will give up the extra 5 minutes in the sack for a better leaner body,lol.

  • menuga

    Bless your heart Paco. Obviously you e never been with the right guy if you think that has anything to do with getting an erection. Maybe it’s who he’s with.

  • Paco

    @menuga: Google is full of articles linking excess weight to diminished sex drive and E.D. You only need to search for it. Read ’em and weep, love.

  • Silent_Joe

    I KNEW there was a reason for me being a chubby chaser!

  • SteveDenver

    I don’t care how flat the tummy or how big the belly: HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE AND CHEERFUL DISPOSITION. I want FUN and positivity in the sack. I love guys who can have sex like a freight train and then nimbly turn into a fuzzy bunny OR wrestling partner. I especially like guys who are communicative. I have gotten out of bed on a couple of occasions when things simply weren’t fun.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I knew there was a reason I’m still getting laid regularly at 61. Very big belly.

  • NateB79

    Man I want that guy in the pic though. Whoo.

  • Jackhoffsky

    In my own research, I have not found this to always be true, LOL.

    Larger men, with whatever insecurities that come with that, seem to be more grateful of the lovers they attain and thus work harder to please them. I happen to find that kind of attention borderline “needy” because I’m just weird that way, but most people would be appreciative and respond positively to such.

    In other words, the hottest person in the bed is NOT the one who is going to be doing all the work. And someone doing all the work must be REALLY happy of the hot person that’s in the bed.

    Why do I mention this generalized psychology? Because this “study” was a SURVEY. They didn’t actually track men’s performance in a structured setting, they collected data from people AS THEY VIEW THEIR OWN PERFORMANCE and thus is subject to bias of the individuals’ perception. There is way more accurate evidence that says how overweight men have decreased energy overall (this would include sexual energy as well) and how stomach fat is quite an unhealthy fat.

    Plus, Dr. Oz says that every 35 pounds a man looses from his stomach, he reclaims an inch from his penis. So there’s THAT… lol. Besides premature ejaculation, anyone who can last 2 minutes can last 7 minutes… it’s a trainable behavior. Just because hot people work less in bed than those who have a spare tire doesn’t mean that one group is a better lover than another.

    Correlation does not equal causation.

  • darkanser

    @Paco: I recall reading once too how having excess bellyfat can interfere with achieving and maintaining erections. I’ll say this, however. While lean, hard guys usually look far better in clothes and naked they often don’t feel better pressed up against your body. Fleshier guys are nicer to squeeze. Yeah,it shocked me too.

  • NiceNCool1

    I’ve been over weight in the past. There’s no way I’ll go back.

  • Alaska_Dude

    The larger a man is, the less available penis he has. If I remember the statistic correctly, for every 20 lbs. a man is overweight he loses about a half inch of visible, usable penis as the fat around the pubic area swallows it up – so to speak. In other words, a lean man with a 7″ dick would, after gaining 40 or so lbs., be reduced to a 6″ dick. No thank you. I think I’ll keep my gym membership.

  • Paco

    @darkanser: I wasn’t knocking heavier guys (I could use a good diet too, as my doctor continually reminds me). Was just stating a well researched fact, but I guess someone (not you) here was feeling sensitive today.

  • Xzamilio

    Dude in the photo is doing it for me, though. I’ve always been big on proportion… lean, thick, skinny, big… as long as there was a healthy pec to ass ratio. But let’s not get crazy… there’s a limit.

  • blackberry finn

    @SteveDenver: How precious are you? Geesh!

  • CCTR

    Fun stuff but in reality BMI is simply a ratio between a person’s height and their weight and doesn’t measure body fat nor belly sizes. There are lots of heavy muscular folks with low body fat who have high BMIs as well as light weight thin people with big bellies and lower BMIs…but fun stuff nonetheless…I guess the point of it all is that all sizes are capable of being good lovers

  • NateOcean

    This research brought to you by the institute-for-really-fat-guys-that-can’t-get-dates.

  • SportGuy


    LMAO! Even if it did mean and extra 5 minutes in the bed, can’t be with someone not physically attractive. 5 less minutes with a hot guy will always win.

  • jimontp

    @Alaska_Dude: Size queen is what we used to called bitchy bottoms like you. It may work for you, but it’s not particularly an attractive way to go through life.

  • Kieran

    That picture would make a terrific ad for adult diapers.

  • Alaska_Dude

    @jimontp: I’ve observed over the years that men who lash out with statements like those are generally hung like a toddler.

  • scotshot

    Is it me or are most of the posters seemingly satisfied with 2-7 minutes of sex before orgasm? Unreal.

  • Cy

    Wow, thin guys lasted on average 2 minutes in bed, and overweight guys a whole 7 minutes. My husband and I have been putting way to much effort into our sex sessions, if this is all it takes. Waaaayyy too much time.

  • 23knots

    As far as I know, pigs orgasm lasts for 30 minutes, so maybe there is some conection?

  • Mseeger86

    Rampant fatphobia on an LGBTQ+ site? Wow, you don’t say?

  • jadams0044

    I didn’t realize this was a LGBTQ site. Someone had shared this on facebook and I commented. Now for the truth. Given that I am an “fat guy” anything I say on this subject I will be speaking from experience. I am in my late 50’s and my girlfriend is in her late 20’s. I am overweight and I don’t know what it is but I can go more than 30 when making love to my girlfriend. The fact of the matter is, she tires out before I do and I make sure she orgasm before I do also. So there is some truth to this study.

  • jadams0044

    @Cy: No disrespect, but seriously 7 minutes is all you guy get? You are really satisfied with less than 10 minutes of love making?

  • jadams0044

    @Paco: Are you gonna believe what you’ve researched or believe someone who have actual experience. Trust me when I say the article and research in this article has some truth to it. Please read my comment.

  • typerico

    What’s next? MSG is good for you?

  • horsiegirl

    OK So lets look at this from a woman’s perspective. There is nothing worse than looking at a naked man with his gut hanging where his abs should be and then having all the excess fat around his pubic area and scrotum making his penis appear about 2 inches long. NO we don’t think this is attractive , No we don’t want to make love to it for 7mins 5mins or 5 seconds. It is A. unhealthy and B. unsightly. I can not believe that ANY scientific research is going to approve being over weight/obese just for a few seconds extra before ejaculation.
    Maybe lose the weight and your partner might want to have sex more often.. there you go… everyone’s a winner

  • RighteousTorque

    @horsiegirl: Then let’s look at this from a shallow individual’s perspective. There isn’t anything worse than a woman who wouldn’t go so far as to be with someone just because they were “unsightly”. This is a survey article based on those who were more than likely psychologically and mentally/emotionally attracted to the men they gathered their information from. NO we don’t care nor think what you personally think about the big man. It is A) shallow and B) unworthy. I cannot believe ANY woman would take your manner of perspective into account when it comes to being with a lover.
    The winner isn’t always about how they look, but how long and how hard they can last in bed with their partner.

    Sorry if my comment seems aggressive, but I could not let this post go unanswered.

  • Tackle

    Hate to be so superficial, but that guy in the pic is hot. All that weight would feel so good on top of you…
    And having a big stomach/ gut does not necessarily make someone fat: Note to some of the posters. ..

  • Cy

    @jadams. Actually, my last post was meant as sarcasm, sorry you didn’t get that. Personally our typical love making sessions run from 20 to 60 minutes. Can’t imagine where they found guys that fit the average of 2 or 7 minutes. What’s scary is that the 2 minutes for the thin guys in their survey is actually an average which means some guys were even quicker. Not that I believe any of this article. It’s too far-fetched to be called scientific.

  • frshmn

    5-10 minutes of actual penetration is my typical norm. Not sure it’s comfortable for anyone to go that much longer.

  • Sansacro

    Since most of the country is overweight, I guess everyone is having great sex ;-/

  • jadams0044

    @Cy:lol. I suppose that I am to serious minded to notice sarcasm when it’s right in my face. I agree, the typical love making sessions run from 20 to 60 minutes. Unless however you want a quicky

  • jadams0044

    @horsiegirl: @RighteousTorque: I agree with you. Even though I’m in my late 50’s, my girlfriend is in her late 20’s and on many occasions I have threaten to lose weight and she has thrown a hissy fit. What I don’t understand is, my girlfriend, who is a woman. Is young and sexy as hell and she has a sexy body and a luscious booty to fight over. lol. To add to that, sex with her is great. However, it is usually me who cruel her toes and she falls to sleep with a big smile on her face. As for horsiegirl, one could presuppose that she’s entitled to know what kind of men turns her on what kind of sex partner or man she wants in her bed. But if she continues to judge a book by it’s cover, then she’s going to miss out on a good story. I hope she see’s and read this.

  • ClydedayJr

    @Paco: Actually I am around 400lbs, 41yo, and can still go 3-4 times in a row for 30min.

  • jimminy cricket

    I am truly amazed at both the article and comments implying duration of intercourse is at all linked to the quality!!! Surely only rubbish lovers or partners of rubbish lovers would measure the quality by the time…2 minutes, 7 minutes, an hour, a week…the time it takes that man to climax has absolutely nothing to do with how good they are in bed!!! FFS.

  • Paco

    @ClydedayJr: hey that’s awesome. I was 260lbs with a belly and had to drop about 45 before the ill effects of my weight started to reverse. Guess not every big boy is as lucky as you, eh?

  • iggy6666

    The guy’s hot!!! Skinny doesn’t necessarily mean healthier…… most twink ”abs” are a result of just being skinny period. So put the shirts down, cell phone away and step away from your bathroom mirror

  • onenoneblonde

    @RighteousTorque: You can act all goody-two shoes about it all you want, but physical appearance is a BIG factor in sexual attraction. When you see someone for the first time, it’s not their stamina in bed that immediately makes an impression on you. Yeah it’s shallow, but it’s also human nature. You’re lying if you say you have no physical preferences and turn-offs, unless you’re blind.

    The only thing that was off with @horsiegirl’s comment is the fact that she tried to speak for all women. But aside from that, she didn’t lie. Fat men are repulsive to me too. I don’t care how good they might be in bed, I don’t think I could stop throwing up at the sight of their naked bodies long enough to find out. And I’m not going to apologize for it. I’m sure my appearance is unsightly to some men out there too, and it doesn’t bother me. Everyone’s entitled to their preferences. No one’s saying fat guys don’t deserve love, but don’t expect everyone to be willing to welcome them in their bed.

  • seaguy

    I guess I won’t feel so bad about my waist (size 34) having grown a bit over the last year now. lol

  • iggy6666

    @onenoneblonde: ”no ones saying fat guys don’t deserve love” do you think overweight people need your blessing or pity??? Get over yourself….. you sound like a giant twat. I’d rather screw a fat guy then some skinny twink. I’d use the skinny guy as a toothpick after mr.bear and I had a full course meal. Extra gravey. AND DESSERT

  • RighteousTorque

    @onenoneblonde: The fact you are trying to say that being superficial surpasses the want of emotional and psychological attraction is what makes your statement false. It is not human nature to judge someone by how they look, it is society’s nature that people are trained and raised to abide by. As a man, I know for a fact my intelligence attracts females rather than what I look like. I have experienced this first hand, as smoking hot women would approach just from overhearing a conversation I had been engaged in with a colleague.

    I’m sorry if you think a man by the way he is shaped repulses you, but I can say with confidence you are severely mistaken when physical attraction outweighs that of companion needs. Sure, I have preferences and fantasies, who doesn’t. But at the end of the day, it’s communication and intelligence that keeps relationships going, as well as sexual endeavors.

  • DGaffington

    @RighteousTorque: But the bottom line for many people is that there are certain aesthetic properties that break the deal. I don’t want to be with a twig, and I don’t want to be with a marshmallow. onenoneblonde doesn’t want to be with a marshmallow. iggy6666 doesn’t want to be a with a twig.

    @iggy6666 So what you’re saying is that you’re not attracted to the guys iggy6666 is attracted to. Cool story?

  • Bob LaBlah

    Did anyone notice this study was conducted in Turkey? Turkish men are not know for being gym rats nor caring about the latest offered by Andrew Christian. Personally I prefer to have a man who likes a bowl of ice cream at least twice a week and like me loves center cut pork chops.

  • flipper455

    Yep I noticed it was conducted in Turkey. Myself I blew out to 154kg at one stage, I do not wish to get that large again. Fortunately I met a lovely young lady who has encouraged me to lose weight and I am doing well. I personally feel better and I believe my sex life has improved as a result. Certainly I last longer in bed, a lot longer. So I believe, that as with most studies that are done, this does not apply to everyone. The human body is a complex organism, different people react to different things in different ways. I love honey, other people I know are allergic to it, who can tell how the human body will react to things. As for not wanting to be with people because of how they look, that is shallow, fortunately not everyone does that. I am 48, my girlfriend is 24, we have been together now 3 years, when we first met I weighed the 154kg and she would have barely made the 40kg mark. I am 6’2″ she is 5’1″, she said she became attracted to me when a friend dragged her to one of my lectures when she had a day off. She became fascinated with what I was saying and after the lecture came and talked to me, she decided then and there that I was the sort of guy she was interested in. I was the one who decided I should lose weight, but as always when I decided to do something, she supported me 100%, I cannot say how supportive she has been for me in everything I have decided to do. Those women who only go on looks will probably miss out on meeting some amazing people. Once again though, I think that as I have lost weight my sex life has improved, certainly it is now lasting longer.

  • flipper455

    I forgot to mention my girlfriend and I are both bi. That is why I follow this site.

  • Mseeger86

    @RighteousTorque: So, how come I don’t see responses like this to all of the shallow twinks and gymbros already invading the comments with their unwanted opinions of fat people? Why’s ya gotta go after the woman first?

    I’m all for fighting fatphobia, and her fat shaming is unquestionably disgusting, but she ain’t the first one to do it, and people are being oddly silent towards them.

  • Mseeger86

    @onenoneblonde: @onenoneblonde:
    “No one’s saying fat guys don’t deserve love, but don’t expect everyone to be willing to welcome them in their bed.”

    Yeah but like, fat people tend to be the ones getting the majority of snide comments so, where’s all that love you say we deserve?

  • martinbakman

    Thank you Doctor Science! ;-)

  • philatonian

    First of all, who’s lasting only 2 to 7 minutes? Was this study a race to see who could finish first?

    Second of all it doesn’t prove that heavier men are better in bed, it just says they last longer on average (apparently a paltry 7.3 minutes. 7.3? Really??) Anyway, that has nothing to do with the sex being “better,” just longer. In fact, the cause for it taking longer means the men are likely less healthy. The extra weight could be affecting their hormonal balance.

    Still, not one of those guys in the article linked to this one are fat. Most don’t even look overweight. All of them are certainly more fit than the national average.

  • wpewen

    When I came out late 70’s guys with stomachs were not cool As time has gone by now finally duh, gay men realize a little(not a lot) of stomach on a guy is MAN, Take a look around. i grew up around the construction industry and frankly I knew exactly what I wanted. Men who looked like my Dad’s buddies. Sound familiar? Now days we get to have and be Dads, and its great. I’ve naturally got a stocky frame, not a stomach now for health reasons (it is a contributor toward male heart attacks, unfortunately). No more peer shit for it, no speedos, no disco…
    I’m a 56 year old, sort in shape, carbon of my Dad down to boxer shorts. Long live the gay slob.

  • rcktetr

    Husky guys are hot. Like that dude in the pic, he’s really hott. I would prefer him over someone skinny.

  • Brian

    Give me the man in that photo any day of the week. Every. Every day of the week.

  • brotherbear1991

    While I like this article and the idea that it gives a little boost to “Men of Size” in the area of sexuality, it stands to be reasoned that this article, while void of sexual preferences and particular kinks, is directed at a heterosexual audience.

    “The reason for the dramatically higher sexual endurance? More belly fat, scientists say, means a man has more estradiol, a female sex hormone that helps to inhibit orgasm.” (

    To all the bears/bulls/big daddies/chubs/chasers/etc (of which I am one), you know what’s good, and who you like, and who likes you but this article isn’t particularly for the “male on male” crowd. But like I said, good article though :D

  • Patrick

    Yawn. Another stupid “study” for more gullible people to read and believe. Personally, I think it’s bullshit. I used to be overweight. I had a battle with weight most of my life, in fact. But a few years ago, I started working out more, eating better, and being consistent with it. As a result, I’ve changed my body, my metabolism, and my health. For me, now that I’m meaner and leaner, I have more stamina than ever before and I’ll be 50 next month. So this study or that study can say whatever nonsense they believe, but I can tell you from personal experience that I’m a much better lover these days and I feel a lot better, too.

    • philatonian

      @Patrick: Exactly. And good for you!

      The study points out that excess belly fat increases the hormone estradiol which inhibits orgasm. This means that having a small belly can spiral into a health problem because estradiol exponentially binds to androgen receptors, blocking testosterone and rendering the receptors useless.

      That extra five minutes can lead to erectile disfunction and even a need for testosterone replacement therapy later in life. This article (and countless others) have misinterpreted the study. Nothing in the study says overweight men are “better” in bed or enjoy sex more themselves. It just says it takes them longer to achieve an orgasm.

  • dloehmann

    Read some of the comments and had to laugh. Too fat, too thin, hot, not hot, big dick, average dick, who cares? I’m a big dude, 6’2″ 240 lbs, been lifting for years, and I like all types. Big, tall, short, as long as there is a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face I’ll tumble for ya. Sure, I got abs, we all do, you just can’t see mine as well as you can on some others. Life’s short, get over it and just have fun.

  • wolfbear

    Ever since Girth & Mirth, the USA urban gay and bisexual social clubs founded in the 1970s for large men and their admirers, chub culture has always been part of bear community and gay male life.
    But why do we associate bigness with masculinity and gay male sexuality? Strength, comfort, softness, abundance, identity?
    Why have some of us forever admired, celebrated, and fetishized big men, while modern fashion and other social forces have long stigmatized, even demonized, fatness?
    Provocative article.

  • Allen D.

    Pretty sure this article is just talking about the timeframe of penetration until Cummings, jerkasses.

  • Allen D.

    Or “penetration until cumming”… Which is to say the makeout, sucking, rimming, etc isn’t included in their “7 minutes”.

  • beandip

    There are so many factors that should be considered before determining what makes a better lover. Performance, endurance, size, and physical appearance are all important. This was a survey, which is based on opinion, not facts. It’s not science, just crappy “research”.

    • philatonian

      @beandip: Even if the survey had been a controlled experiment, the article misinterprets what it found. The survey didn’t say overweight men were “better lovers,” it found that it took them longer to climax. That’s likely caused by elevated estradiol levels related to the extra pounds.

  • InkedMuttley

    Considering that I weigh 308lbs I don’t think I do too bad. The first time I ever had sex I lasted well over 45 minutes, I have never had a problem with ED, I have never had a problem with premature ejaculation, and I certainly don’t think I have a problem with size as you skinny guys seem to think we are, I have never had a problem with my size and my girlfriend has never had a problem with it either. Going by the ratio that you guys seem to come up with (35lbs weight loss = 1″ gain on penis size) it would seem that just those few lbs weight loss and an inch extra would render me useless due to the fact that I’m already plenty big enough for my girlfriend…You skinny guys all butt hurt about the fact all those tee-shirts you keep seeing that say “I’m not fat, it’s a fuel tank for a sex machine” are actually the truth?

    You keep your 2 minutes in the sack, and I’ll keep going for as long as I want ;)

  • sebbie3000

    @scotshot: That has literally never happened to me. Most of my partners have been in the flatter stomach department – as I am myself.

  • Draftluver

    @RighteousTorque: Yeah sorry but I have to agree. Having been with someone who was grossly overweight and who also stated that they were unable to get it up. I find this study to be pure BS. And don’t get me wrong because I was attracted to him at first but as time went on I realized I wanted to be with somebody who cared about their looks, took care of themselves and could get it up. Cause honey if they ain’t got the 3rd item then the first 2 don’t matter. And yes at my age I can be that shallow.

  • biosuit

    This article is soooo deceptive, we know there are studies, actual studies, that say the exact opposite. Also where does it say the size of the belly is in direct correlation with stamina as the headline says. Try surveying a general group of gay men and then let’s see what we come up with. Or gay men and women even

    • philatonian

      @biosuit: It is actually based on science, but Queerty editorialized the facts.

      From the science:

      “Men with high fat levels were found to have higher levels of the female sex hormone oestradiol, which disrupts the chemical balance in their body, making them last longer during sex.”

      High oestradiol levels in men can increase risk of stroke, heart attack, coronary atherosclerosis, and peripheral artery disease. Additionally, oestradiol blocks testosterone from binding to androgen receptors, resulting in the slowed production of receptors.

      If someone with excess abdominal fat is struggling to ejaculate, he probably needs to take a look at his health habits.

  • biosuit

    @InkedMuttley: This was a survey, based on opinion not fact. Sorry bro.

  • Charles

    This article is bullshit. They take longer to cum is all, that’s because they are men producing more female hormones… how is that ok?

    Are we so desperate to counteract body facism that we resort to implying that being fat is better?

  • silveroracle

    @Silent Joe. Thank you for being a chubby chaser. X

    @NateB79. Agreed. Sexy looking man.

    @dloehmann. You said it! By the way, you are so handsome.

  • baba_koffi

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