PHOTOS: Guys With Bellies Drive Us Bonkers

Last time in Homo Erotica we gushed about our appreciation for bubble butts. This week’s topic: Bellies.

Let’s face it. Not all of us have washboard abs. Nor do we want them. Sure, a six-pack may be nice to look at, but maintaing one is another story. It requires regular abdominal exercises which — let’s be honest — nobody wants to deal with. Anyone who says they love doing crunches is lying.

We’re proud of our soft bellies. After all, we’ve earned them. And we’ve come to appreciate them on other guys as well. There’s something sexy about an inch to pinch, not to mention grippable love handles, wouldn’t you agree?

Scroll down to see photos of guys letting their guts hang out, and looking damn fine in the process.

Photo credit: Bloated Boys

Photo credit: I Like Fat Guys

Photo credit: Fuck Yeah Beer Bellies

Photo credit: Hairy Black Beary

Photo credit: Bloated Boys

Photo credit: Big Beefy Fat Hairy

Photo credit: Getting Beefy 

Photo credit: Fuck Yeah Beer Bellies

Photo credit: I Like Fat Guys

Photo credit: Fuck Yeah Beer Bellies

Photo credit: Freshman15

Photo credit: Phatphatass

Photo credit: Bloated Boys

Photo credit: I Like Fat Guys

Photo credit: Fuck Yeah Beer Bellies

Photo credit: Bloated Boys

Photo credit: Big Beefy Fat Hairy

Photo credit: Bloated Boys

Photo credit: I Like Fat Guys

Photo credit: Freshman 15

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  • glitterbear256

    Next time, how about some real bellies? You’ve got a couple of guys with bellies here, but get real. Most of theses are barely bigger than average.

  • fpcinnyc

    These guys are SO cute. I love a guy who looks like he used to play football or wrestle and now put on a little weight but he’s still hot and beefy. Thank you!

  • Jame

    YES. More please!

  • Jonathan26



    I can accompany you as far as fit-fat, a couple of nice examples of which are depicted above, but no further! Nevertheless it’s truly heartening to to see proved true the old adage “there’s somebody for everybody”; pots and lids..or something. I think I WILL skip abs today. Thank you Queerty!

  • Alan down in Florida

    Tipping the scales at 355 I take exception to your calling the majority of these good looking men as fat. I might classify some of them as untoned but certainly not fat.

    Not that I could attract one but I would tend to not be interested in a guy with washboard abs. To my mind someone who spends the time in the gym it takes to get that way has his priorities messed up. He could be using that extra time to perfect his talents or improve himself intellectually and politically or go out into his community and make that a better place.

    Besides, I didn’t get to 355 without liking a little meat on the bone.

  • Niall

    I was gonna say not really, but I find the 2nd guy and the 5th and 6th from bottom attractive, so I guess the guy just has to be cute as well.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    @glitterbear256: Totally agree. Totally agree………………..Is that ALL you got Queerty?

  • bbg372

    @glitterbear256: Most of these guys are fairly fit and have about 25% body fat. Much healthier-looking than the 6–12% body fat images we are incessantly being told are ideal. But I agree, they are by no means fat.

  • viveutvivas

    The article is completely wrong on one account – a flat belly does not require abdominal exercises. That’s an an old wives’ tale.

    Having said that, some of these guys are cute.

  • Stache1

    @Alan down in Florida: Wow. Way to generalize Alan. I could flip that around and say some people who look fat are just lazy and don’t care for themselves or anyone else that’s close to them that cares.

    I’m not a gym rat but I love going to the gym and I’m very politically involved. Yeah, vanity if part of it but being healthy is part of it too. You want to feel good and look good. Nothing wrong with that.

  • erikwm

    Except, the cruel irony is that what most find “hot” is also what’s healthiest.

    Abdominal exercises are actually a fairly small part of what goes into maintaining a “six pack”. Abdominal exercises alone will not reduce the body fat stored in the abdominal area. Aerobic exercise (and/or caloric reduction) is needed to reduce body fat and core strengthening is anaerobic. Strengthened core muscles can better hold in the visceral fat behind the abdominal wall and give a more toned visual appearance in the absence of fat reduction.

    Also, changes in the center of mass that accompany a beer gut greatly increase the likelihood of postural deviations, most frequently a hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine. This creates shortened erector spinae/hip flexors and weakened abdominal/hip extensors. If uncorrected, this imbalance in the force couple relationship at the pelvis eventually leads to low back pain as as the resistance load during exercise and activities of daily life are shifted to structures not intended for such weight bearing.

    Then, of course, there are the myriad of cardiovascular risks associated with abdominal fat in men, which I’m sure most of you are well aware of by now.

    Conclusion? You don’t “earn” a belly. It is a consequence of neglect.

  • Sandalphon

    I find most of these men extremely attractive. Many, if not most, American men look closer in appearance to these guys than the washboard abs, muscle-bound Greek gods. I’m more than ok with the ordinary, everyday cub. Cuddling with these guys would be heavenly.

  • balehead

    Except for the fat queen…..the rest looked like real men…

  • gq0025

    This is why i feel in-love with Queerty. You guys have truly given me reason to view this site every day. I have a belly, and so does my lover. I love men with bellies, it turns me on. Bravo!!!

  • kinseyfiles

    @erikwm: BRAVO Eric! Thanks for taking the time to set it straight!

  • kinseyfiles

    @Stache1: Kudos!

  • Steve

    Guys who have a bit of body fat generally look sexier and feel smoother, softer and moister than hardbody types, making them my favs.

  • Fitz

    Hot DOG! Some very, very screwable guys there. I bottom maybe 3 times a year, but I am all about grabbing my ankles for some of them.

  • the other Greg

    Forget aesthetics or even health – you guys are forgetting the most important thing!

    It’s hard to blow a guy with a big belly because your head keeps bouncing against their belly.

    Different strokes I guess (perhaps literally in this case).

    Mixed emotions. (1) Not really my thing, and I almost wonder if the fast food industry paid Queerty to post this, ha ha. (2) Still, I think this is a good counterpoint to Queerty’s post the other day about eating disorders, “unrealistic expectations” and so on. In real life there are all kinds of guys, and all kinds of guys interested in them.

  • Levi501bear

    OK let’s get real all of these guys have an average/muscular build can you show men with some real bellies !!!

  • Apparatus

    God DAMN do these soft boys give me the VAPORS.

    I would take any one of these men over a ripped 6-pack gym queen any day. DELISH.

  • erikwm

    @kinseyfiles: Thanks. Training is what I do.

    I just felt compelled to mention that the negative consequences of excess body fat extend well beyond simply not being able to score with that ripped 20-something from the gym. The health consequences associated with excess body fat reduce quality of life. No look or fetish is worth such cost.

  • Stache1

    @erikwm: That’s ridiculous. I have six pack abs and my friend who looks more like these guys is healthier then me. He eats good and has regular check ups. He’s in perfect health.

    I would reserve your condemnations for the ones that are grossly obese or think eating a balanced diet means having fries or potato wedges with your usual fast food.

  • bbg372

    @erikwm: You are right, no look or fetish is worth health consequences, and that includes having a “six-pack.” The optimal body fat percentage for an athlete is 12% but to have visible abdominals, one must have 8% or less. That is emaciated, not healthy. And this is coming from someone who is a former competitive gymnast, professional dancer, and fitness model. Most of the men in these photos have a body fat percentage between 20–25% which would not make them peak athletes but they would still be considered healthy.

  • Cam

    If a guy has a nice face, cute smile etc… I couldn’t care less whether or not he has a six pack.

  • Miles M

    Guess you need to know what you like and don’t like but just a belly doesn’t make a man!

  • yaoming

    Next time EYEGLASSES, please.

  • Mdterp01

    I love a guy with an “average” body or a toned body. If you are ripped and veiny and have a 6 or 8 pack and bulging arms, I look at that as “wow you have a major dedication to being super fit and eat very healthy” but thats as far as it goes. I’ve never found it attractive cuddling up with all that hardness. I like you to be squeezable and soft. To each his own but I’d go for many of those guys in the above pictures over a muscle boy.

  • BritAus

    Hollister Daddy – WOOF!

  • JJinAus


  • CivicMinded

    Most of these guys are young. That’s nice. Now do a spread on average guys, or what average is, at different stages in life. It changes. In my 20’s I was thin and adorable. In my 50’s I look younger than my contemporaries but I find it difficult to get rid of, and keep off, belly fat. I find I require about an hour a day of elliptical. I can’t always fit that in.

  • UWSguy

    thanks for this queerty

  • misterhollywood

    Some of the guys look like Cubs and Bears:) Great post by the way – thanks for sharing. Totally fun.


  • siltor67

    as long as you don’t look like you’re pregnant with triplets, im all for it..these men are sexy!!

  • Matt G

    yeah not all of these guys are even that fat, just >15% body fat which is more than the ideal we get assaulted with continuously. That’s not always easy to obtain and by no means the only way to be healthy. Medicine is woefully behind on obesity, still using BMI as the ONLY universally recognized and studied indicator of obesity. Since all “Obesity” research is tied to being a BMI 30 or greater I think there is a lot of junk data floating around regarding the study of weight and body composition on health.

    So yeah, I don’t think any of these guys are de facto unhealthy when you consider other things that make up health like avoiding things that are unhealthy like excessive drinking/smoking/tanning/black tar heroin/ whatever. Some commenters need psychiatric help to deal with projection of their own internalized body issues.

  • tigerbearover32

    I have a bigger belly than all these guys in here. I am 6’7″ tall chubby hairy all over and looking for some chasers…..

  • erikwm

    @bbg372: Essential body fat for males is just 2-5% of body weight. 12% body fat is not “optimal” and is on the higher end of the 6-13% range for athletes.

  • erikwm

    @Stache1: There are exceptions to every rule. I knew a woman who smoked cigarettes for over 7 decades. She never got lung cancer. That does not mean smoking cigarettes is safe.

    Even modest amounts of abdominal fat in normal weight individuals have been found to increase mortality. Excess visceral fat, that which is found behind the abdominal wall, is most dangerous. A taut belly (as seen in 1,3,6, and 7) is indicative of a high level of visceral fat.


  • bbg372

    @erikwm: Essential body fat is just that: essential. It is the bare minimum amount of fat one can hold and still maintain essential body functions. It is one step above starvation. No one should live in the 2–5% body fat range. Moreover, 12% body fat is absolutely optimal for athletes. And while 6% may be the low end of the optimal range, anything below 8% can be dangerous for athletes. Sylvester Stallone reduced his body fat to 6% for one of the Rocky films and had to be hospitalized.

  • erikwm

    @Matt G: BMI isn’t the only universally recognized and studied standard for determining obesity. It’s most widely used because it is cost effective and minimally invasive. Anthropometric assessments are more accurate, but are invasive. Many are not comfortable taking off their shirt, which is required for an abdominal or chest skinfold measurement (2 of the 3 standard measurement sites for males). It also requires direct touching of participants. Bio-electrical impedance is less invasive, but less accurate. Hydrostatic weighing, DEXA scans, and air displacement plethysmography are not cost effective options and require expensive equipment. Only muscle can through off the fat free mass equation used to determine BMI (fat free mass being the skin, bones, organs, blood, muscle, connective tissue). A very small proportion of the population has such a high proportion of muscle that BMI is inaccurate.

  • the other Greg

    @Matt G: All these guys look FAT to me, but I guess that’s because I grew up in the ’70s before there were so many young fat people waddling around the U.S.

    By modern, fast-food, microwave, no-exercise standards, these guys are now pretty standard. For that reason alone, I suppose, it’s not surprising that many guys here find them sexy. Notice that most of the comments here are 100% positive. In a psychological sense that’s a good thing to some extent, but in a physical sense they’re still fat.

    (But I’m glad you brought up smoking – my real pet peeve! – since gay men still smoke at over twice the rate straight men do.)

  • uruz422

    Bellies can be hot. But a HAIRY belly is the hottest. That black dude with the hairy belly would be my dream come true.

    First of all, why is it SO hard to find hairy black men? (and asian men?) It’s so hot when you do!

    Also it’s so hot when you have that nice furry pounch to grab while you’re having fun. I like when a guy really let’s me grab it and doesn’t try to suck it in or whatever. Hot post!

  • AtlasRich

    This is my ideal type: muscled with some padding. It’s masculine and sexy!

  • casey

    These guys are real and probably interested in something more than themselves and being ‘pretty.” Love these.

  • Claytox

    Nice to see some examples of hotness being a spectrum not a sterotype. Nice guys.

  • lnwbpa

    I love my bellies full of lots and lots of fur!!!!

  • maxxbot

    I’m the six-pack gym obsessed guy you refer too but I think guys with bellies can be really hot. I’m glad that Queerty is showcasing some different body types for once.

  • maxxbot

    @erikwm: You’re not thinking this through enough, it’s true that “essential bodyfat” is only 2-5% but people in that condition do NOT perform well athletically. That’s why the only people you will ever see in this condition are bodybuilders on contest day, they are dehydrated and weak as hell from cutting down that low. Most elite athletes you see tend to be around 7-9% bodyfat or so, low enough to not have excess fat slowing them down but with enough fat as to be able to function properly.

  • azjay1007

    It’s cute when the height weight proportionate crowd jumps on the Belly bandwagon when there is an article that they’re better lovers. Not One guy shown there is with a belly. Being 2% body fat away from total six pack abs is not a belly. It’s A slightly out of shape height weight proportionate person, huge difference. Thanks for trying though. :-/ lol

  • J.J.

    Gross… belly fat is actually inflammation of the fat cells of the belly area causing them to swell. This is due to poor diet, stress, bad sleep hygiene and usually a combination of these. It indicates a state of dis-ease. Eat a plant based diet with lean meats and healthy fats and minimal refined carbs and sugar and sleep properly and you very likely won’t get any belly fat accumulation…. not my cuppa,. thanks!!

  • rcktetr

    These guys are hott

  • rbettenc

    It’s nice to see someone recognize the beauty in something other than the stereotypical. Thank you Queerty and Graham.

  • HugeBelly

    I have a HUGE Belly!! Where can I find guys who get off on it??? ;)

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