Study Finds Bumping Uglies With Strangers Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

doesGet ready for the shock of the century, folks, because this one’s a bombshell.

A new study has found that engaging in casual sex, one night stands, or keeping a “friend with benefits” can have a positive impact on a person’s mental health, Design & Trend reports.

The study, which was conducted by sex researcher Zhana Vrangalova, was just published in Social Psychology and Personality Science, and challenges the idea that people who engage in promiscuous behavior are somehow damaged, or that casual sex is less enjoyable than romantic sex.

In the world of social sciences, “sociosexuality” is a term used to describe a person’s interest in casual sex. Researchers surveyed 371 college students about their sociosexuality, asking about their sexual behavior and psychological well-being over a period of nine months.

Researchers explained that “participants were considered to have had penetrative casual sex on a given week if any of their oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse partners were reported as one-night stands, friends with benefits, fuck buddies, casually hanging out, just friends, ex-partners, or unclear/complicated.”

After interviewing the students for an entire academic school year, researchers found that, in general, participants “reported lower distress and high thriving following casual sex” and that their psychological effects were “amplified.”

“The vast majority of unrestricted people desire, enjoy, and form relationships,” Vrangalova added. “They just also enjoy and desire casual sex.”

So there you have it, folks. Bump those uglies! It’s good for you! Just be sure to wrap it up before you do.

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  • Tackle

    This study is somewhat flawed. 371 participants is a low number to
    make the kinda broad cconclusion they did. And college students
    is very restrictive. Why not choose people from all walks of life,if you’re going to make that kind of statements? Or why not just say for “college students, Studies find that bumping uglies with strangers can be good for your mental health?” That I think would have been a bit more accurate. And I’m not sure how truthful students would about their emotional/ mental shape if they are promiscuous , or having lots of sex with different people. Lastly being younger, I think it’s easier to hookup and not feel the same affects as you do when you get older when generally one desires deeper and more meaningful relationships and are ready for them.

  • Billy Budd

    I don’t think the study is flawed. But Tackle is right about it being limited to college students. This is probably already written and considered in the final chapter of the paper (limitations). Follow up studies will confirm the findings for other populations. I just think casual sex carries more dangers of getting a STD or getting mugged, so people must be careful with the fun activity. Apart from that, casual sex is wonderful.

  • Ben Dover

    Plus there’s a HUGE difference between “engaging in casual sex, one night stands, or keeping a ‘friend with benefits’.”

    Having a one night stand at 22 is really quite a bit different from having a one night stand when you’re older.

    Having a “friend with benefits” when you’re older might be emotionally healthy and keep you out of trouble. Sometimes people get older and realize they don’t even LIKE relationships; society frowns on this kind of thinking, but has grudgingly provided the FWB concept as a escape hatch.

    On the other hand, having a FWB when you’re college-age might simply keep you from doing the usual, necessary emotional experimentation. Sometimes one party in the FWB relationship is manipulative.

    A lot going on here.

  • robirob

    Bumping uglies. What a strange term to be used in a rather sex positive article.

    It’s already scientifically proven that sex (including masturbation) is an outlet for stress relief. This study is just a variation of an already established fact.

  • Teeth

    HUGE difference between having a FWB and sticking your privates through a glory hole or screwing someone you don’t know.

  • bottom72

    I must be the healthiest person alive. Lol

  • Jacob23

    This piece is grossly misleading. There’s 40 years of social science research showing that sex with multiple partners, outside the context of a loving relationship is overwhelmingly correlated with physical and psychological illness and increased mortality. This study concerns straight college students, who “hook up” during a limited time period, in a defined phase of their lives. Virtually none of these people expect this to be a way of life beyond college, and 95% of them will marry. If you think this study has anything to do with validating a life of Grindr hookups and tricks, you are going to be in for a rude shock.

  • laluna

    Whattt? The story is cut half.. The original author said that the pre-requisite for those “benefits” of casual sex is AUTHENTICITY..

    If you enjoy it, means no social/psychological/physical inhibition, then do it. You will see benefit such as increased confidence and happier life among your promiscuous circles.

    If you dont, then don’t so it in the first place.

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