Just really sexy

Sam Smith reveals a rather odd sexual fantasy

Sam Smith ain’t a “wham, bam, thank you Sam” kind of guy.

Nawp. When it comes to the bedroom, he likes to take his sweet time.

For it is the sweetest time.

“I like to take my time,” he confirms on Australian’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show. “I love to love make…”


So if you’re looking for a quickie with Sam Smith, you’re totally out of luck. He needs the sex to last forever, or it just doesn’t feel right.

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He made the comments while doubling down on a statement he made to Buzzfeed last week, in which he wished we could all give ourselves “orgasms whenever [we] want.” (We can, btw.)

“Like, to be able to click your fingers and you feel an orgasm, without any of the work.”

So he wants instantaneous orgasms but he also wants each sex session to last for decades?

You’re giving us mixed messages, Sam.

We don’t know what you want from us, Sam.

We’re going out for a pack of smokes but we’ll be right back, Sam.

h/t: Gay Star News