Say Hi To The Gays Who Run Hollywood

IMG_0050Years ago, someone once said to us, “if you took all of the contributions of homosexuals out of show business, all that would be left would be a few episodes of The Price is Right.”

Yes, we’re everywhere in entertainment: behind the scenes and in front of the camera, in boardrooms and cubicles, writing jokes and carrying c-stands and styling hairdo after hairdo. Entertainment may be the second-gayest industry in the world, after the steel mill industry.

On one recent night in WeHo, the gay mafia assembled at Eleven Nightclub to mix and mingle and compare business cards. We popped by to take a peek at the gays who make entertainment happen. And one of the first people we spoke to was a former Manager of Development on The Price is Right, so never mind about that pithy quote from the beginning.

A major component of the evening was completing a bingo card of relevant types: find someone who works for Disney, find someone who bikes to work, find someone who’s never been to the GLAAD awards, find a vegetarian. There were plenty of all of those things to go around, and also plenty of good-linking, talented young professionals.

So keep an eye out for these faces if you’re an intern in Hollywood. They’re the ones you need to sleep with to make it to the top.

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