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School Administrators Would’ve Let Constance McMillen Go to Prom. With Dudes

While exiled prom date Constance McMillen spends an evening with a certain celebrity gossip blogger, back home in Mississippi the ACLU is kicking its lawsuit against the Itawamba County School District into high gear. Which a hearing scheduled Monday to see if a federal court will force the school district to reinstate the canceled prom, new details emerge of the Student v. Administration battle in court documents filed this week.

Assistant Principal Rick Mitchell told Constance that while she wouldn’t be allowed to attend prom with her girlfriend, she could go with “guys.” Meanwhile, Superintendent Teresa McNeece, whom Constance all met with, said she and her girlfriend (also a Itawamba student) could both attend, albeit separately. Both would also have to wear dresses, McNeece said (according to Constance’s statement), and would be prohibited from slow dancing with each other, ’cause that would just “push people’s buttons.”

As we’ve noted before, not only do girls regularly attend prom together, but girls also regularly dance together at senior proms! Boobs-on-boobs!

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  • Cam

    Small towns in the south area all about fear of people whispering, and avoiding “Pushing people’s buttons”. This is how they keep control of everybody. Nobody actually has to file a REAL COMPLAINT, they just prevent anybody from doing anything by saying “We don’t want to upset people.” It’s complete bullshit and just their way of keeping their own agenda intact without actually taking any blame for the decision.

  • Hyhybt

    “School Administrators Would’ve Let Constance McMillen Could’ve Gone to Prom. With Dudes”

  • LGBT in CT

    School teachers can be such tyranntical bullying fuck-ups. Tax payers are paying teachers and school admins NOT TO FUCKING VIOLATE STUDENTS. School should be a SAFE SPACE for a student to be who they are. I SOOOOO FUCKING TIRED OF DUMB-ASS TEACHERS acting like Nazis. Acting like fucking philosophical, smug, bastards who want to force their shit-for-brain opinions and prejudice on everyone. HOW DOES THAT FUCKING PRINCIPAL KNOW THAT TWO LESBIANS AT PROM WILL CAUSE PEOPLE TO GO APE-SHIT. SHE DOESN’T SHES BEING A BITCH PERIOD.

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