Scott Thompson’s Buddy Cole Returns to Cover Olympics for Colbert Report

scottthompsonh.jpgFinally, a reason to actually care about the Olympics! Kids in the Hall‘s Buddy Cole has returned to cover the sporting, or whatever, for The Colbert Report.

In part one, he ran circles around U.S. Ambassador Dan Baer, giving PR handlers everywhere heart palpitations with a well-timed length/thickness joke. And now here’s part two, featuring a nervous U.S. speed skating team. Thompson really has to work his ass off to get a good soundbite out of the visibly frightened athletes, but he does indeed come through.

Stephen also credits Buddy as a longtime show producer, which, really? IMDb does not list the show among Scott’s credits, but who knows. That would not be a bad gig for him.

We could not be more thrilled by Buddy’s return. He’s popped up in Scott’s one-man show from time to time, but hasn’t graced our screens in many years. But back in the ’90s, he was a formative role model for us. The idea that a gay man could not only wear his faggotiness with pride, but also derive power from it? Mind-blowing. And rather in keeping with his attitude on bullying: “So much of these bullying campaigns are part of the trend that we were just talking about—the recasting of gay men as eternal victims and it’s like, fight back! Fathers should start teaching the boys how to punch. He does that to you, here’s what you do: You fucking punch him in the face.”