Segregation Never Sounded So Gay

Dutch gay activists need to stay out of Amsterdam’s cafes. Gay group COC wants prosecutors to pen a law barring known homophobes from entering so-called gay areas.

The call comes after a surge – four in one week – of anti-gay assaults, attacks reportedly carried out by Moroccan immigrants (a common theme, as we have seen). In addition to asking victims to report their attacks, COC also petitioned Public Prosecutor Chief Harm Brouwer to ensure convicts are barred from entering gay ghettos. Sure, it’s a valid concern, but a bit short-sighted – and perhaps racist.

Yes, you can write up laws preventing an anti-gay from so-called gay neighborhoods, but it’s not as if gays only live in these queer quarters.

Contrary to what some believe – or would like to believe – we gays stalk each and every street of this great world. What does COC want, some space colony on the moon, or something? Or, better yet, a rocket into the sun?

Further, COC chairman Frank van Dalen claims Moroccan immigrants go out on the town looking for a fag to flog. Four of the suspects in last weeks attacks are Moroccan nationals. The prospect of a law banning anti-gays from “gayborhoods” opens a nice big can of racial profiling, which may only perpetuate tensions between Moroccans and gays.

COC would be better served holding a meeting with Moroccan community leaders – you know, have tea, cookies and work it all out. Then they can hold hands and skip down the road to the cafe, which they can enjoy together. What a wonderful world it would be…