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Sen. Lindsey Graham Loves Anonymous Internet Rumors. Like the Ones That Call Him Gay?

If you’re going to ask a sitting Republican senator whether he’s a homosexual, do not give him an out! Unfortunately that’s what blogger Mike Stark did when he (bravely?) asked South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham what he has to say about all those Internet rumors that he enjoys the cockala.

Stark approached Graham during what could have been a trip to the bathroom to assume a wide stance, but we may never know. Why even go after Graham? Well, it’s not like he’s a homoph— oh, he supported a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage? And banning gays from adopting? But even that wasn’t the reason Stark went after him! He writes:

At Justice Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings, Senator Lindsey Graham asked her about anonymous comments offered by a range of lawyers. These comments were negative, mostly having to do with the Justice’s temperament.

Leaving aside the fact that Justice Scalia’s acidic demeanor never seemed to bother any of the white male Senators called upon to confirm him, I did think it was notable to ask a nominated Justice to comment on accusations made by anonymous accusers.

I especially found it interesting because there is no shortage of rumors regarding Senator Graham’s sexual orientation. That puts Graham in almost the same position Justice Sotomayor except nobody that I know of has asked Senator Graham to respond to the rumors. What’s more, if Graham did have gay relations while a member of the military, he broke the law.

Good enough for us! Now, did you hear the one about Joe Biden whacking off to Playgirl? It’s an anonymous Internet rumor!

(Thanks, Mike!)