SF Clothing Swap Tomorrow

While we’re on the subject of people doing good and the such…

Swap San Francisco will be hosting a men’s clothing swap tomorrow at The Cafe (2367 Market Streeet @ Castro). Sure, the $10 presale tickets or $15 door-cover may sound a bit steep, but a portion of the profits and all left-over clothing will go to AIDS charity.

It’s worth noting that the event is being billed as “The World’s First All-Men’s Fashion Clothing Swap”. We’re not sure what the parameters of said fashion will be, but we imagine a lot of leather chaps, studded vests, and Cher-inspired sequined tops. It is, after all, San Francisco.

So, San Fran-Fagsters, get off your ass, clean out your closet, and head on over for a little swap action!

You know you want it…

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