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Shakira is facing eight years in prison, but fans won’t let her go without a fight

A Spanish prosecutor has proposed an eight-year prison sentence for global pop icon Shakira, and fans are ready to go full Shawshank to save her.

Shakira is being relentlessly targeted over a tiny, barely consequential tax fraud case (is 14.5 million euros really that much in the grand scheme of things)?

On top of that, the Colombian superstar contends that she didn’t even live in Spain from 2012-2014, the period of her supposed tax evasion.

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Fan reactions to this latest sentence proposal ranged from indignance to immediate jailbreak readiness.

Here’s just a few of the brave stans fighting for her freedom:

Reactions also included a large number of folks invoking Spain’s colonization of Colombia as a defense for her defrauding their government. Probably not the framework her team will want to lead with, but it’s good to brainstorm!

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In a world where Little Monsters are escaping kidnapping to tweet about Gaga and Swifties are going to prison for opposing the IDF, who’s to say Shakira fans couldn’t arrange a jailbreak? Other than talk on the phone and regulate their emotions, young pop music fans can do anything.

If push comes to shove, Shakira’s defense can just play “She Wolf” in the court; proof of her payment to the global culture really should suffice.

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