Sherri Shepherd’s Graphic Personal Knowledge That Married Heterosexuals Cheat

Though she’s long alluded to her husband cheating on her, it took divorce proceedings in a courtroom for The View‘s nugatory co-host Sherri Shepherd to reveal she found photos of her husband having sex with another woman. And not that I wish Sherri any ill will — even tragically misinformed people deserve happiness — but it’s really annoying to see somebody who claims marriage is some institution reserved just for responsible heterosexuals all the while knowing it’s utter bullshit.

Shepherd told her divorce judge that in 2006 she found photos — after returning home from one of her many visits to the hospital ICU, where she was keeping watch over her premature baby who arrived weighing 1 pound 10 ounces — of her soon-to-be-ex-husband Jeff Tarpley having sex with a random gal. What a terrible thing to experience!

But there’s also the version of Sherri who says “gay relationships can separate sex from love.” Yes, we can! But as Sherri also knows first-hand, so too can heteros. And a marriage certificate has nothing to do with it.

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