Sherri Shepherd’s Graphic Personal Knowledge That Married Heterosexuals Cheat

Though she’s long alluded to her husband cheating on her, it took divorce proceedings in a courtroom for The View‘s nugatory co-host Sherri Shepherd to reveal she found photos of her husband having sex with another woman. And not that I wish Sherri any ill will — even tragically misinformed people deserve happiness — but it’s really annoying to see somebody who claims marriage is some institution reserved just for responsible heterosexuals all the while knowing it’s utter bullshit.

Shepherd told her divorce judge that in 2006 she found photos — after returning home from one of her many visits to the hospital ICU, where she was keeping watch over her premature baby who arrived weighing 1 pound 10 ounces — of her soon-to-be-ex-husband Jeff Tarpley having sex with a random gal. What a terrible thing to experience!

But there’s also the version of Sherri who says “gay relationships can separate sex from love.” Yes, we can! But as Sherri also knows first-hand, so too can heteros. And a marriage certificate has nothing to do with it.

Conversations About Gay Monogamy Are Best Left in the Hands Other Than The View Gals

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  • L.

    This is precisely why I have never been able to get my head round the fact that some people can be against gay marriage because it “cheapens a sacred institution” and still believe that divorce is OK. That’s having your cake, eating it, and getting some head from the pastry chef.

  • christopher di spirito

    Isn’t she the dumb cluck who isn’t certain if the world is flat or round?

    I guess Barbara Walters hired her so the really dumbest viewers of “The View,” the people who aren’t sure Hawaii is a U.S. state and who think presidents serve six year terms, have someone they can identify with.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Any time I hear a het bitch and moan that equal marriage will tarnish straight marriage, I immediately know their own marriage is on the rocks. It’s human nature to project onto others, what one fears about oneself.

  • L.

    @christopher di spirito: I believe you’re right but the problem is – now that Whoopi went woopies, they won’t know with whom to identify and get confused, poor souls.

  • Jon

    @L.: What does that even mean? What are you talking about? Will you kindly speak in English when posting?

  • L.

    @Jon: I would love to help you but unfortunately I don’t speak English so I have no idea what you’re asking (but I love you too.)

  • Jeffree

    @L: #4: Good one.
    I used to like Whoopi, but she’s just ringing one false note after the other these days. I have a theory that stoopidity can be contagious….

  • L.

    @Jeffree: …and that condoms can’t help :)

  • ryry

    don’t generalize ladies

  • Ash

    “gay relationships can separate sex from love.”

    God, some people apparently can get dumber. Holy crap, lady, straight people and gay people ARE THE SAME. Some are all about the sex, some are not. What’s so hard to understand?

    Sherri, you need to go out and meet some nice gays and lesbians, then perhaps you’ll realize we’re not ALL about the sex.

  • tjr101

    I suspect Sherri’s “friends” are not honest about what they think of her.

  • Hilarious

    Ok now I have to ask why you’re so stuck on Sherri.

    We get it, the woman is dumb as a rock. This is like what the 4th article?

    Everyone woman on The View is an idiot. The show is meant for entertainment.

    That should’ve been apparent by the fact that 3 of the 5 panelists are comedians, 1 is a reality show contestant, and only 1 is an actual journalist who’s material has been pretty shallow for a long time.

    What are you expecting from this show besides ridiculous coffee talk and silly opinions that have no actual barring on your personal life?

    At this point I can’t tell who’s more ridiculous Sherri or the people looking to her for some sort of validation. She won’t give it to you, move on.

  • ewe

    @Hilarious: She should be fired first.

  • Patrick

    Where to begin. Goldberg is an idiot, she hangs and defends Gibson, and has to ask how gay mens relationships work? Doesn’t she live in LA and work on TV?

    Shepard is just a dumb ass bag of rocks. She had no idea her husband was cheating on her sorry fat ass, the fact he took photos was his wanting to get caught.

  • Jefffree

    Many men cheat. Most men who cheat, cheat with women. Ergo, women cheat too.

    Let Sherri claim the sun rotates around the earth or that the earth is flat. We can laugh at that.

    But to say that condoms don’t work or that marriage is between one man one woman forever? That’s a steamy sack of lies.

    Sorry to make her weave curl up and get all humidly frizzy, but anyone dating a man needs to keep one eye open at all times — & periodically hire an investigator with a zoom lens !

    (but I am an honest man!)

  • Ash

    @Hilarious: I don’t see why they shouldn’t continue to point out that these twits are, indeed, twits. It’s funny. Watching the homophobes (or just the people who don’t agree to equal right) make a fool of themselves is hilarious.

    It lets me vent a bit and I enjoy it. So be it.

  • Jefffree

    The problem with the View is that people may assume that the hosts are “well informed.” So, what they say gets talked about between the homeschooling moms, the gay retirement villagers, people who frequent the cocktail lounges between nine and noon (a.m.), the aged & infirmed, the incarcerated, & people who work off-shift. And like nine of my uncles (they still think Hassle-back is a kewtie! Ugh )

    Bararwaba Walters is a has-been. Joy is bored & looking for her next gig.

    Sherri is sure needing a mental status exam, an associate’s degree, and a new do. [Back to acting! would be my best advice]

    Whoa-Peah is producing movies now.

    El-is-the bath wants to run a school board or some other venture into polly-ticks.

    Curtains down. Rest in peas
    Let’s find a better shoe & a better cast of hosts for the timeslot.

    I promise to TeeeVo it, but probably watch it. That counts’ right?

  • redd

    This is insane! They are clueless. When I am in a monogamous relationship I don’t cheat and don’t want my partner to cheat.

    They don’t know what they are talking about!

  • Carina

    I’ve watched Sherri on The View and I have come to the conclusion that she’s special, like special education special. I have no idea why Baba Wawa hired her. Maybe she felt sorry for her and her micro baby.

  • InlandEmpire

    I hate stereotypes. I am gay and don’t represent anyone except myself. My partner and I have been in a monogamous gay relationship for over 24 years.

  • Michael L.

    Sherri Sheperd is the most vile “human being” (and I use that term loosely) on television. She has single handedly, with her no neck ghetto ass weaves, turned a once semi-watchable show in to filth that MANY gay people boycott. Elizabeth is a reality show reject, but this one was the replacment for Rosie and the absolute most annoying, misinformed and happily ignorant trash on television. All gays and gay allies should boycott this homophobic platform of a show. I know personally MANY of my friends have for 2 years now and genuinly don’t feel like we’re missing anything other than hormonal woman yapping away about nonsense.

  • Curious...

    @Michael L.: “the absolute most annoying, misinformed and happily ignorant trash on television.”

    Who were you referring to there?

  • shanelle

    @ curious:
    She’s referring maybe to Miss Ryan See-Crest? Or Mr. Ann Cold-Tar?

  • shanelle

    Sometimes I look at Sherri and worry that in 50 years I could look just like that if I’m not verry cautious about diet and exercise.

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