Should We Defend GOProud’s Right To Be Part Of CPAC?

Because don’t be fooled by the anti-LGBT crowd’s justifications. I know GOProud. I’ve chat with its tops leaders familiarly, sipped margaritas with its members convivially. I’ve listened to the organization’s president address a room full of conservatives in a speech where he made no bones about his sexuality, but never once advocated for any of the things that these anti-gay groups are using to justify this shutout. I’ve watched clips of Ann Coulter keynoting a GOProud event with a speech in which she (GO)proudly stated that marriage “is not a civil right – you’re not black.” I’ve seen ads where they sought the defeat of Barney Frank and Barbara Boxer, in favor of candidates that were on record against most of if not all LGBT rights matters. Let me tell you: This is a conservative group first and foremost — one that I would consider quite far right, in fact.

So when groups like Focus on the “homosexuality is a particularly evil lie of Satan” Family say they’ve been working on “the problem from the inside,” make no mistake: “The problems” they are discussing are not this conservative group’s political stances or expressed commitment to defeating Barack Obama, but rather the sexual orientation/gender identity/expression of the human beings who express these views. So on that, the matter of defending LGBT people against blatant discrimination, I have absolutely no problem or even hesitation standing with GOProud against the groups that’d like to “change” us all, regardless of whether we travel through D.C. aboard an elephant or a donkey. And I can stand up for this group’s right to exist and engage while concurrently suggesting that this, yet another expression of the deep anti-LGBT bias that has a stranglehold on the modern GOP, is/should be precisely the reason why involvement, in both party and conference, is such a total and utter non-starter for most proud LGBT people.”

– NOM scourge and Good As You editor Jeremy Hooper explaining why GOProud deserves a spot at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in a post entitled, “GOProud makes me roll my eyes, sigh in disbelief, laugh them off, ignore their obvious incitement. And sometimes: Jump to their defense.” Last year GOProud was allowed to sponsor CPAC but not allowed to speak because, “since opposition to gay marriage, etc are consensus positions (if not unanimous) among conservatives, these topics are not open to debate.”

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  • gregger

    If GOProud wants to lay themselves down on the sacrificial altar of CPAC that’s their business. I don’t think that anyone should encourage, dissuade, defend, or block them from making fools out of themselves.

    In other words don’t help but don’t block those fools from learning how much the RethugliKKKan party dispises them.

  • Mike in Asheville

    I suppose the answer has something to do with who is the “we” you ask of?

    If the “we” means left and left-of-center gays/lesbians, I answer “NO”. They (GOProud) don’t want us, they don’t represent us, they don’t support g/l civil rights and equality, and there are bigger issues for us.

    If the “we” means the lgbt community as a whole, then why not? I won’t waste time overly worrying nor investing too much energy (no money). Discrimination against gays/lesbians anywhere allows the scourge to fester and spread everywhere. But any defense of GOProud in battle with C-PAC needs to be part of a larger effort of denouncing homophobia and bigotry to the general population. And, indeed, the national polls surveying marriage equity certainly indicate that the general public is swaying to our side.

    There is, though, no need to waste any money or energy defending GOProud to the C-PAC crowd. Sure GOProud can and should what they can to gain the position they seek. But NO ONE AT C-PAC gives a rat’s ass about whether liberal/Democratic gays/lesbians think. Of course, that is because no one at C-PAC actually thinks as proven by their regular infliction of hypocrisy of LESS GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT IN PEOPLE’S LIVES vs. EXCEPT MORE GOVERNMENT INTO THE BEDROOMS OF GAYS/LESBIANS.

  • Libertarian Larry

    Well, good for Mr. Hooper. I know that most who read this article are rolling their eyes at the “self-hating gay Republicans” that compose GOProud, but that couldn’t be more untrue. My experience has been that if you measure the tolerance level of a GOProuder vs. a leftie, the leftie will come across as nothing shy of venomously hateful, while the GOProuder is all, “Live and let live.”

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    CPAC’s loss. Fuck em if they wanna be non-inclusive.

  • hf2hvit

    @Libertarian Larry: Good…then let them go live with republicans and they can feel all the hatred they so crave. And why should anybody be tolerant of anybody that hates them and wants them dead. I laugh when I hear about gays being intolerant to these groups. That’s like saying the Jews were so horribly intolerant of the nazis. GOProud: a bunch of self-loathing idiots who are too stupid to realize the GOP would rather march you off to the showers.

  • Jewed Law

    @Libertarian Larry: You mean, like in posts # 1 and 2? Yeah, the natives get restless when it comes to GOProud. Apparantly it threatens gay people like . . . well, like some straight people feel they’re threatened by someone’s homosexuality.

  • hf2hvit

    “Should We Defend GOProud’s Right To Be Part Of CPAC?” Why do they have any right to be there? What’s next? Crying because you don’t get to vote for the Academy Awards? Private organization.

    I say GOProud should get some sense after they call 911 because they need a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMUBULANCE!

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Mike in Asheville: Oh, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. I understand that you’re an angry name-caller, but please explain to me a single instance in which the government has made an attempt to get into our bedrooms. Sodomy laws? That’s a reach, since they’re not enforced (as they apply to heterosexuals as well). But, I suppose when one has so much unvented anger, one has to invent scenarios to fuel that rage.

    @hf2hvit: March us off to the showers? For what reason, because we smell bad? Oh, you mean, they want us dead? Listen, just because you possess so much hate in your veins that you feel you could gladly murder your political opponents, don’t project that hatred onto others; it’s yours and yours alone.

  • inoits2

    I don’t really understand them but aren’t they a perfect picture of tolerance. They are unfazed by the wrath of the far left and far right. They accept Ann Coulter’s statements as par for the course. I have yet to see them have a hissy fit like we see with the GLBT left. Their participation in CPAC is a big step toward making our case. The fact that they are uninvited might create a rift between fiscal and social conservatives.

  • Ren


  • robert in NYC

    Libertarian Larry, your darling Ron Paul supports both same-sex marriage if it’s decided by individual states only as well as DOMA, NO federal recognition for same-sex marriage. So go ahead, vote for them.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @robert in NYC: Wow, you are so right: We all will spontaneously self-destruct if not allowed the privelege of marriage. Stupid me, how come I couldn’t see the light before? And here I’ve been worrying about stupid, selfish things like the nation’s economy. Guess I need to get my priorities straight.

  • Elloreigh

    1) There is no ‘right’ to participation in a PAC. If CPAC doesn’t want GOProud’s involvement in the group, they’re within their rights to shut them out.

    2) This is not a group advocating on gay issues. It’s a group of gay conservatives shilling for the GOP (and hence the group’s name), regardless of how anti-gay any of the party’s policy stances are.

    So no. I will not be standing up for GOProud. If they want to participate in conservative political groups, it’s up to them to persuade those groups of their merit. And if those groups reject them, perhaps it should be considered a wake up call.

  • tazz602

    Hell – we don’t even want them to be part of anything GLBT – they do NOT represent me in any way shape or form, they aren’t for GLBT rights, they aren’t for marriage, what the hell makes them a GLBT group except for their members being self loathing homosexuals?

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: Well right back at you: indeed I called out C-PAC for their hypocrisy: The groups who worked behind the scenes to get GOProud out, Focus on the Family, et al., argue for smaller non-intrusive government EXCEPT when they also call for reinstituting sodomy laws, advocate against ANY recognition of same-sex rights, federal anti-marriage-equality amendment, reinstitute DADT, defend DOMA, yada yada yada — if you want to shove your head in the sand, go ahead; I’m not. I called out their hypocrisy; where is the name calling from me?

    And Thug, I even wrote that GOProud SHOULD defend themselves, and, as part of the bigger picture, all lgbts should work to end homophobia and bigotry everywhere it exists.

    Lastly, my comment about no one at C-PAC “thinks” is a fair statement when, as I did, expose that they advocate opposite points when those separate points work toward their goal of everything they want for themselves and deny those who disagree with their warped morality our rights to exercise our own life, liberty andpursuit of our happiness.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Jewed Law: Wow, I didn’t even bother to comment about GOProud, my comments were about the hypocrites at C-PAC and the groups who worked to kick GOProud out. I advocated that GOProud SHOULD defend themselves AND the general lgbt community should work against homophobia and bigotry anywhere it exists, including C-PAC.

    I have NEVER felt threatened by GOProud, never.

  • gregger

    @Libertarian Larry: You seem to be unable to understand that the darling of the Libertarians, Ron Paul, says he wants government off the backs of the people and yet he is in favor of one of the most odious pieces of legislation that compromises civil liberties and creates a new second class citizenship.

    In short he’s either a hypocrite or stupid.

    This has nothing to do with “spontaneously self-destruct if not allowed the privilege of marriage.” This is more like I refuse to support some person who says what ever to try and win a fan base.

    He’s also either a bigot or allowed bigots to write in his name.

  • tjr101

    Why should we care? CPAC is nothing more than a klan rally. Remember “Real men marry women” mantra? If GOProud wants to be a part of that then please don’t try to pass it off as some noble idea to support them.

  • gregger

    @Libertarian Larry: Then why, oh why have members of GOProud referred to me as a derisively as a Democrat party boy? Why does the organization refer to those of us fighting for marriage equality as “idiots,” “twinks,” “morons,” “bottom feeders,” and just about anything else you can think of. In short I find the people from GOProud just as obnoxious as you find those left of center.

  • xander

    GOProud members are like canaries in a coal mine: when they make noise and die off, you KNOW things are toxic in that environment.

    I have to remind myself that it’s the Conservative PAC, not the Republican PAC, because it represents the most rightwing portions of the party. The LogCabin people at least advocated for gay equality along with their fiscal planks.

    The CPAC organizers failed, in their last convention, to put focus on the economy, wasted their time hailing Trump as a hero, and showed how far from US public concerns on jobs and debt. The GOPhers, like all good boys, tried to fit in but now learn that until they’re not gay anymore, the door will be slammed in their faces by their fellow conservatives.

    A small pity party will commence in 3 seconds and last for 5 more. Time to move on, GOPout..

  • Steve

    If GOProud wants to be a part of CPAC, then let them. They have a right to have and voice their political positions. At the same time, PACs are private entities and as such they are allowed to discriminate against whoever they so please, and CPAC has decided to discriminate agaisntr gay conservatives.

    And that, my friends, is the most ironic thing of all.

    I would say I’m sorry for your unwarranted discrimination GOProud, but it’s hard for me to feel sorry…

  • robert in nyc

    No. 12, even in good economic times, you and your ilk would still vote for a party that votes against you in every election because a republican (there will never be a civil libertarian in the White House) is the least of the two evils over a democrat, every time. None of us progressives are fooled by alternate labels, certainly not by Civil Libertarian, nothing more than republicans in sheeps’ clothing. When the going gets tough, you’ll rally around Romney or Bachmann and vote for them if either of them gets the nomination. Enough of the phoney concern about the economy. None of you were bashing Bush for 8 years of runaway spending, the highest in our nation’s history and one of the architects of the economic hole we’re now in, none of which the GOP will take responsilibity for let alone pay for. I didn’t hear a word from Ron Paul in those 8 years either and certainlyi NOTHING from the Log Cabiners and of late, the GOprouders.

  • Tony

    No…I think I”ll let GOProud defend themselves. Mainly, because they’ve done nothing to defend the things I believe in. In fact they’ve made fun of them.

    So, while I think they would fit in nicely with CPAC, they’ll have to fight that fight on their own.

  • Codswallop

    GOProud can take their self-loathing road-show of “Papa Can You Hear Me (Forgive me for being gay but at least I’m still a Fascist!)” wherever they like. But considering they are against everything I stand for it’ll be a cold day in Hell before I help them book venues.

  • Dennis

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! GoProud actively supports and donates to politicians and causes that endorse (more like DEMAND) discrimination against LGBT persons, and when they themslves are discriminated against it’s “Waaah, Waaaaah that’s not fair!”

    Too fucking funny…it’s called KARMA you disgusting traitorous bitches, and I hope you all CHOKE on it. Boo Fucking Hoo, the homophobes and haters that you worship really, really hate you after all, who’d have thought it? Lay down in a bed of assholes, wake up smelling like the shitstains you all are…not hard to comprehend.

    Oh, Schadenfreude is sooo sweet.

  • Josh Elder

    Why is it that the LGBT Community is constantly attacking those of us who aren’t liberals? Those of us who aren’t left at all. I disagree with both the Democrats and the Republicans on a lot of issues. The only issues I tend to disagree with Republicans on are ‘SOME’ social issues while I disagree heavily with Democrats on a lot of policy / fiscal issues.
    The LGBT Community is so full of hatred for anyone even remotely “not left” and it’s laughable that they spew the same hatred at their own kind that they bitch about coming from others. Bunch of hypocritical ass clowns if you ask me.
    I am a gay man and I would gladly support a Republican, like Rudy Giuliani, for President because I’m not a moron and don’t believe in giving government overwhelming power, making the government as large as possible, giving handouts to those who rape the system, don’t believe in the “Nanny State”, etc.
    I never donate my time, energy or money to candidates that don’t support my right to individual liberty and freedom (as that’s usually a big stance the Republican Party has) but just because I don’t share your beliefs and would love a Republican with half a brain in the white house doesn’t give you the right to target and demean me. The only reason I’m not registered a Republican is the issue of individual rights / freedoms for gays and lesbians.
    But honestly, if a bunch of uber-liberal ‘lets give everything away to the poor’ morons are the one’s hating me and spewing hate toward me, I couldn’t care less and wait for the day that life kicks them in the face. ;)

  • Robert in NYC

    No. 27, serial adulterer, sanctity of marriage moron Giuliani, opposes marriage equality for starters. Even if the economy were in great shape, you’d still vote for someone who doesn’t want you to have your full equality. Sick.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What I want to know is, how will the homocons like Gay Patriot blame this on liberal gays? Because as we all know, we are the cause of all their problems.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Has anyone noticed that an ad for Ann Coulter’s book Demonic appears on this, and other pages? What the fuck?

  • Libertarian Larry

    @Josh Elder: Amen, brother. I’m always amused at the level of intolerance on this site preached by those who claim to be the world’s most tolerant. But you know the old saying: Being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry.

  • Luke

    Screw GOProud. We don’t owe them shit. They are a stupid organization formed as a reaction to Log Cabin’s brief flirtation with effectiveness. Cause the niche industry of making money making the GOP look like it has a sane bone in it’s pants doesn’t include actually working to dismantle homophobic laws. GOProud is not a gay rights organization; they are a marketing promo and they can take a flying fucking leap into hell.

    And fuck off gay Republicans. There are too many gay/trans teenagers out on the streets, too many gay/trans seniors without their partners benefits to fall back on, too many who are cash strapped because of extra legal bills…medical bills…tax bills, too many gay/trans people who can still be fire for just being who they are. Too many oppressed people for us to give a flying fuck about a bunch of shirt and tie suck ups–who regardless of their pro-gayness–would turn around and strip the Pell Grants, the social security, the medicaid, the unemployment benefits et al away from the people who need them the most–people who are disproportionately gay and trans.

    So yeah, fuck GOProud. We don’t owe them shit.

  • Luke

    @27, because your a jack-ass who doesn’t understand the nature of solidarity!

  • hf2hvit

    @Libertarian Larry: ” I’m always amused at the level of intolerance on this site preached by those who claim to be the world’s most tolerant” Who claimed that? Gee, you don’t seem too tolerant of them, yourself–WHOEVR THE HELL THEY ARE!

  • zrocqs

    @Libertarian Larry: & @Josh Elder: The two of you are obviously too stupid and too poor the game the system and get rich, and therefore have to take your frustrations out on this website. Don’t like Queers who don’t share your myopic world-view? Join GOProud and wallow in the humiliation heaped upon you by your beloved conservatives.

  • Reed Braden

    Quite a few misguided comments here. Even us crazy lefty liberal homos need to defend the rights of our batshit brainless GOPpy-gay counterparts. Defending that right to organize and participate is not about the politics of the groups involved, it’s simply about being LGBT and demanding the right to be heard. I’m one of those liberals who classifies the Tea Party and the Young Republicans as legitimate terrorist groups, but I would fight tooth and nail to let my idiot conservative gay friends to identify and be heard as idiot conservative gays.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @Reed Braden: Republicans and Tea Partiers are “legitimate terrorist groups”? Really? And what does that make people who actually commit terrorist acts? Good God, if that’s what the left has indoctrinated you into believing, then please, buy my bridge! It’s a big pretty one that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn.

    I’m sure you also consider Obama to be the greatest president that ever set foot in the White House, and that anyone who disagrees is a recist. Seriously — I have a bridge for sale at a price that can’t be beat.

  • Robert in NYC

    Libertarian Larry, the Tea Party is a racist, low information group of people. I didn’t hear them demanding Bachmann’s, Pawlenty’s, Romney’s birth certificates after they announded they’d be running in 2012. Why not? John McCain wasn’t born in the U.S. and nobody questionsed his birth. Bachmann to this day really doesn’t believe he was born in Hawaii, never admitted it. All she said was, if the president says so, then I guess we’ll have to accept it. Donald Trump, another right wing Tea Partyer claimed he’d sent investigators to Hawaii after the long-form was produced and said the information discovered was shocking. Where is it? Ron Paul was silent too.

    Ron Paul is going NOWHERE. Go aead, vote for him. He loves DOMA, so do most in the GOP. No matter how your bucch skews it, Civil Libertarians are still republicans when election day rolls around. If Paul is so supportive of marriage equality, why didn’t he congratulate Governor Cuomo for making it a reality? Let’s see which equality legislation Paul is going to sponsor in 2012, or any other republican for that matter, whether the economy is good or bad. I can’t wait to see that.

  • The crustybastard

    Sorry Mr. Hooper, I bear no obligation to fight for the rights of people who who don’t recognize mine.

    However, I always enjoy watching jugheads assemble to form a circular firing squad.

  • Little Kiwi

    No. Why? Because that would mean that we’re “making being gay an issue” and GOProud is all about “not addressing gay issues.”

    How many times have we heard GOProud members talk about how “they’re not about being gay and the gay agenda and being gay is just a small non-defining part of them”?

    All. The. Time.

    They don’t believe in getting their hands dirty when dealing with anti-gay bigotry. This is a case of anti-gay bigotry. So let’s do what GOProud always does – Turn A Blind Eye.

    fucking wimps.

  • Little Kiwi

    “Libertarian Larry” & “JackJock” are of the same stock – white boys whose Dads are ashamed to have gay sons. You think saying “i care about the economy!” will make him love you again? Not gonna happen. You will always be an embarrassment to your fathers, just like the wimps of GOProud, and your cowardice will ensure you waste your lives.

    Saying “oh, look how mean the liberals are!” makes you look like the idiots you are – you’re more concerned about “words liberals use”, to call out your cowardice, than you are with the reality that your chosen political allies consistently vote against your equality and worth as human being in America.

    No wonder you’re such right-wing suckups. Your parents resent calling you “Son” and it’s fucked you up royally.

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