Show Me One Lesbian Who Refers to Herself as a ‘Biebian’

Lesbians with Justin Bieber‘s hairstyle are calling themselves “Biebians”? Sorry, no. Just because a bar in West Hollywood is hosting a lesbian night by that name, and there is a blog showcasing photos of women who look like Bieber does not mean actual lesbians have begun referring to themselves by this term.

Lesbian women sporting this haircut, of which thousands and thousands have been doing for years (decades?) are now the victim of media outlets like the Post who must trend spot. This same thing happened to straight guys who always took care of themselves (a la gay men) who suddenly found themselves being called “metrosexuals.” They weren’t. They were just straight guys who cared about grooming and moisturizer, and they’d always been that way despite the Today show “finally” spotting them.

So sorry, lesbians with cute hair. But we know you’re not following some teenage sensation manufactured and marketed by the recording industry. Some of you are desperate, but not that desperate.