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Sigma Chi’s Anthony Bertolone Accused of Drugging, Raping Frat Brother

Anthony Bertolone, a Sigma Chi member at Drake University, had invited a fraternity brother to vacation with his family in the Ozarks. And that’s when the college mate discovered, on Bertolone’s computer, evidence of Bertolone sexually molesting him while he slept — or rather, knocked unconscious by drugs.

The story, which I’m a little late to, goes like this:

[T]he alleged victim found images of himself being sexually abused on the suspect’s computer, copied the images to a memory card and notified police. A search warrant was obtained and executed Tuesday to search the room of 21-year-old suspect Anthony Bertolone. Des Moines police spokeswoman Sgt. Lori Lavorato says the victim was incoherent during the assaults, which date back to as early as last fall. She believes he was drugged and says the victim was unaware of the assaults until he discovered the pictures of himself on Bertolone’s computer.

The victim told police that he was never in a sexual relationship with Bertolone and that he did not agree to the acts, reported KCCI. According to the victim, Bertolone performed the sexual acts on him while he was passed out. “This is something that he had no knowledge of. In the video it shows and it’s very evident that he was incoherent at the time,” said Lavorato according to KCCI. “I feel awful for him and it’s unfortunate that this happened to him. But I’ll give him kudos because he had a lot of courage to come forward.”

As you might’ve guessed, Bertolone was kicked out of the frat and faces charges of third-degree felony sex abuse. And you thought your Facebook privacy settings were going to expose you.