Sigourney Weaver: Gorillas Are Superior To Humans Because They’re Not Homophobic


I know that when I go to GLAAD events and Comic-Con, there are all these great kids. They have so much going for them, especially when they are trying to figure out who they are. They are so vulnerable, the last thing anyone should be doing is making them feel bad for what or who they are. My god, they need so much support…The fact that it’s all still wrapped up in religion and shame, I’m very impatient with our species. I don’t think gorillas in the wild do this. They are superior to us in every way. Chimps I don’t know, they are always at each other for something. In the wild, what happens? Because I feel we have so many things to learn from other species. Maybe because our brains are big and we have thumbs, we stay up here [pointing to head] instead of down here [pointing to chest].”

National treasure Sigourney Weaver discussing the release of Prayers for Bobby on DVD and the struggle for gay rights with the Advocate.

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