Singer Halsey Fires Back At Buzzfeed Article: “Sorry I’m Not Gay Enough For You”


Halsey is miffed. If you’re not familiar with the singer, all you really need to know is that she’s 21, from New Jersey and got famous by singing on YouTube until the right people noticed her.

She’s also bisexual, and that’s one of the elements fueling a little feud with Buzzfeed right now. A recent article analyzed Halsey’s queerness, describing how she’s publicly kissed girls but generally presents as heterosexual, with male partners and very feminine fashion choices.

Frankly, we’re not quite following that logic — queer women can dress femme, right? At any rate, Halsey seemed to interpret the article to be an accusation that she’s not queer enough, which is an understandably hurtful thing to be accused of.

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“In the few music videos Halsey has released since, none have featured a same-sex pairing,” says the article. “When it comes to her songs themselves, Halsey tends to use male pronouns or no pronouns at all, which doesn’t explicitly mean she’s hiding anything. But there’s a chance she might feel internal or external pressure to keep her songs appealing to a broad base.”

“Sorry I’m not gay enough for you,” Halsey tweeted, calling the article “tiresome analysis of my 1 year in the public eye and the ignorance of 8+ years of sexual discovery to determine if I’m truly queer.”

To be fair, the article does say “Halsey is through-and-through bisexual because she says she is, no matter how many men she collaborates with, no matter how she dresses, no matter who she dates. She doesn’t need to prove that fact to anyone.”

And ultimately that’s where we should be, right? Only you get to decide what you are. And if you put yourself in the public eye, well, everyone else gets to speculate.