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Six Flags amusement park drops PDA ban after same-sex couple told to stop kissing

Six Flags Mexico City
Six Flags Mexico City (Photo: Shutterstock)

Six Flags says it has dropped a ban on “affectionate behavior” between couples at its amusement parks.

The policy change comes after a gay couple were removed from a queue for a ride at the Six Parks in Mexico City because they were kissing. The incident took place Wednesday. The individuals in question were not asked to leave the park.

A friend who was with the couple took to Twitter to explain what happened. Most of his tweets are in Spanish but translated, they explain how the gay couple were told by staff their actions were unacceptable in a “family-friendly “ park. This is even though opposite-sex couples were also kissing and showing affection to one another in the queue.

A man who introduced himself as the Park Director explained that kissing was “disrespectful” to others.

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Local LGBTQ advocates were outraged at how the gay couple were treated and took to social media to complain and call for a kiss-in outside the park to protest.

Yesterday, Six Flags issued a statement to its brand Twitter account saying it was dropping the ban on public displays of affection.

“In an effort to maintain a family atmosphere, Six Flags had maintained a policy of discouraging visitors from being overly affectionate while visiting the park,” the company said.

It stressed in bold type, “This policy applied to all visitors, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.”

“However, based on guest feedback, we have determined that having a policy that speaks to affectionate behavior is not necessary and we have removed this policy.”

The move did not appease some LGBTQ advocates, who say it failed to apologize to the same-sex couple or acknowledge the discrimination which took place. Others trawled the Six Flags Mexico’s social media for images of opposite-sex couples kissing.

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Six Flags Mexico posted the same corporate statement in Spanish to its social media. It followed it up with a further statement of apology and promised to do better.

“We apologize for the misunderstanding caused to some of our visitors during their stay in our park on December 29th. We stand in solidarity with our guests, partners, colleagues and collaborators who are members of the LGBTQ + community. Six Flags is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment and does not tolerate racism, discrimination, or hateful behavior in any way towards anyone.”

“Our goal is to provide a safe and fun experience for everyone.”

Six Flags Mexico said it would today meet with representatives from a local LGBTQ group to work together on the best way to move forward.

Six Parks has 27 parks across the US, Mexico and Canada.