Smells Like Enterprising Model

Immigration opponents may want to start patrolling the fragrance section, because Cuban actor William Levy will launch a new cologne this year.

Don’t call him greedy, though, because the actor’s not just in it for the dough. He says the “fresh, not too elegant, not too serious” scent’s sales will help AIDS-infected ladies with babies. He also says something about ABC’s Brothers & Sisters, which we found queer.

The above video’s in Spanish, so may be a bit difficult for some of you. But, then again, who’s listening?!

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  • tim

    Hey..Give him a chance. We need something new smell and a hero from Cuban.

  • M Shane

    We’ve got Che Guevera, he was at least as cute.

  • M Shane

    If our government weren’t such pigs we’d be able to take advatatage of some of the best music and art in the world.Those are some truely pretty men. But maybe they’re safest if the U. S doesn’t get in to arrange another So CIA coup. What have we fucked up Chili, Brazil, Argentina Uraguay on and on. Better they are safe and happy. Now they have a Gay pres. Raul Castro.

  • Ambassador from Hell

    They talk about something called “Brothers & Sisters Catalog” not ABC’s B&S.

    Oh and, M Shane, it’s Chil-e and Ur-u-guay.

  • M Shane

    Thanks for the typing lesson, Ambassador!

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