Someone Wants The Web To Think That Lea Michele And Zach Braff Are Gay

THE SHOT – Twitter user craigjorczak saw a tweet calling the current boyfriend of Glee star Michelle Lea’s less attractive then her ex-boyfriend Theo Stockman. In response, craigjorczak posted the picture of Michelle Lea above alongside the words, “you should probably let that girl know there were plenty of males and females in between you and Theo. More proof imo! I v much approve this new development.” He kept it posted until Glee fans began angrily tweeting back. Then he deleted the offending tweet and added, “Learned a valuable lesson. No joking on twitter.”

But who is the person who wants Zach Braff to be gay?

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  • christopher di spirito

    Zach Braff’s old website was allegedly hacked. The hacker added the “proud homosexual” line to it. I mean, seriously? Who refers to themself as a “homosexual”?

    Oddly enough, the scruffy, adorable actor, John Krasinski, on The Office I kinda’ have a thing for. But unfortunately he plays for the other team.

  • Sean

    I love how Zach had to clarify that although he was straight, he wasn’t too straight.
    Good times.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)

    @christopher di spirito:

    If that is what you believe, good for you!

  • Shell

    and we should care why? actors personal lives and orientations are none of our business.

  • James

    The post says Lea Michelle, the article says Michelle Lea. I feel a Chinatown reference coming…

  • UWSguy

    Zack handled it well

  • skzip888

    “homosexual community”? Who ever wrote that is laughably ignorant of anything resembling gay culture. Most likely some clunky, socially inept troll from Ann Arbor, jealous that some skinny hipster quasi-funny guy like Braff is getting more candy vag than all the “real men” out there.

    I’ve always gotten a not-straight vibe from Lea Michelle. Maybe it’s her chemistry-free acting during romantic scenes, or the fact she seems to be the most intimate BFFs with Dianna Agron. Maybe she’s one of the many insecure types who needs a much uglier-looking man to feel good about herself. Although, I’m pretty sure If Lea Michelle is in love with a woman, it’s Lea Michelle.

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