Sorry, Future Husbands: Radio Host Stephanie Miller Just Came Out

On her radio show this morning, liberal pundit Stephanie Miller came out as a lesbian. Fittingly, her guest was Chely Wright. Miller has never been married, and although she’s often joked about her “future husbands” (including Keith Olbermann), let’s assume she’ll never actually marry any of them. Congrats, Stephanie.

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  • Black Pegasus

    OMG! I had no idea!

    Congrats to Stephanie… I always liked her show on XM..

  • ChiGuy76

    Wow! I really did not see this coming, partcularly, because of her “future husbands” segments. I used to listen to her every morning (I had a later commute until I switched jobs). She has always brought a smile to my face and much needed humor to political discourse. Congratulations Mama! Welcome to the Tribe.

  • Mike L.

    Wow yeah this one flew right past me. Cool, love her when she’s tv :)

    Congratulations sister :)

  • TikiHead

    Love Steph! But my gaydar always did ping with her.

  • J.

    I’m completely shocked. I used to listen to her radio show on the way to school all of the time. With all of her support of gay rights I never would’ve expected her to be in the closet herself. I wonder why she didn’t come out sooner.

  • Jack E. Jett

    Wow…..the Lesbian version of my Gaydar must be really weak.
    I should get it tuned up. I had no clue and use to be on the same station as Ms. Miller.

  • unclemike

    Wow. I listen to her every day and I had no idea. *kicks Gaydar* I hope the warranty’s still good on that.

    Well, good on her! Go, momma!

  • Ian

    Woo-hoo, always love me some Steph opinion! I hope that someday MSNBC will can Scarborough and replace that dreck of a show with the lively opinion of Miller!

    PS, congrats on coming out Steph!

  • Renee Thomas

    Way awesome Momma!!


  • Robert

    Well it makes zero difference to me. She and her show are very funny, and doubtless will remain so. I will say that the “future husband” biz was, in retrospect, obviously used as a cover for her true orientation; no doubt the usual pressures have been applied over the years. She made dark jokes about “I’ll see you on Monday if they don’t fire me (for admitting to being gay)” – perhaps revealing her long held fears. Withal, I’m glad she did this, as it no doubt has been weighing on her (because really, it’s none of my business). I wish her happiness.

  • Robert

    @Ian: GREAT IDEA! I think they got a try out once, or perhaps were a vacation replacement.

  • Alice Berry

    I was so totally surprised this morning. Always listen to you before get out of bed and face the day.. You are the humor in my life. Love your jokes and silly stuff. You are a brave woman and I will always be a fan.. Well for the next 10 maybe 20 years because I’m old in years but young at heart.

  • jodi

    Woot! Congratz Stephanie!!

  • rhydderch

    knock me over with a feather! I figured if anyone were coming out on the Stephanie Miller Show it would be that closet case Chris Lavoie.

  • Robert in NYC

    Way to go, Stephanie. Been listening to her on Air America for a while, she’s great. What a role model, at last a lipstick lesbian for a change.

  • Argos

    I guess I don’t find it all that weird that she had a ‘Future Husbands’ segment, since I’ve daydreamed about marrying Rachel Maddow before, and I’m a 100% gay male.

  • Steve

    It’s not like she was totally in the closet. She said her family, friends and colleagues all knew. So I doubt she had any huge fears.

  • johnosahon

    Ok, this just proved that a lesbianDAR has to be created for use, because i did NOT see this one coming.

  • TiMFromLA

    Oh big deal. Now get back to work and make us laugh Stephanie!

  • Starla

    You’re truly bi! You don’t stop fawning over handsome Hal. You appear to LIVE for Wednesdays as Hal will be helping you with the show that day and I’ll bet that’s the day of the week with your highest number of listeners. Have you made a move on Hal yet, or are you just throwing out continual hints that say that you’ve fallen for the man. You’re calling him My Hal. Your Hal? Since when? You say that you act giddy around Hal. You’re going for a youngester Stephanie. Isn’t he about 10 years younger than you?
    Wednesday is my absolute favorite day to listen to your show as Hal adds the needed intelligence to the show (although Chris is also pretty smart also). Steph, without Chris on the show to help you everyday, I don’t know if the show would still be around. He helps by reminding you of EVERYTHING as you cannot recall ANYTHING. Chris is your save. Chris is quite smart and without Chris, the Stephanie Miller show would not be. He runs everything technical as Stephanie is still in the 70’s about technical things. Chris also gives Step big time help in the brains department.
    Why is Jim still on the show? He’s very lazy. He works part time and if he cannot handle a morning show he should get a job on an afternoon or night program so that the can sleep in as long as he wants. Jim is kind of rude to Stephanie who is being kind to you, Jim, by keeping you around. You’re not funny. You just make these stupid, corny, childish noises and comments that are not funny. Whenever you’re on the show, you’re asleep most of the time. When Step says your name Jim, you respond with a “huh” like you’ve been woken up by your name being spoken. Jim seems to be dead weight for the program, literally (ha-ha).
    Funny is Hal Sparks. He is a natural born comedian. Brains, looks, and comedic talent that makes you LAUGH. I can see WHY you feel your dusty eggs are coming alive.
    Do people say you’re smart? Smart is Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes, not Stephanie Miller. Those two can carry a broadcast by themselves, successfully, with the smarts each of them have. They don’t need side kicks (support). Until you become smarter all around, you should stop slamming Palin. You two are the same in many ways so stop being a hypocrite.
    I do like your program still because you do fill your program’s time daily with regular guests every day. Thank goodness! You don’t have the talent to carry the show alone although you might do o.k. with your brains (Chris) there to support you with your lack of knowledge about everything. I do think the show will survive because you realized you needed to keep things interesting with daily regular “guests”, who’s presence provide help for your show. Getting some self esteem will help you. Hal has that right about you…

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