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Spain Says Sorry (and Pays Off) The Homo They Imprisoned 30+ Years Ago


In September, Britain apologized for firing, castrating, and shaming Alan Turing, the gay WWII hacker who was all up in the Nazis business. Now, Spain is taking a cue.

The nation of bull runners is saying sorry to Antoni Ruiz, who was jailed for being a homo in the 1970s, under the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco (pictured), who, let’s face it, was probably a big gay.

Ruiz, who told his family he was gay in 1976 at the age of 17, was turned in to police by a Catholic monk his parents confided in, spending three months in prison and thereafter banned from going home for a year.

So what’s Spain’s recompense? An apology letter and a check for $5,900. Don’t spend it all in one Prada!

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  • bill

    I wonder if the Catholic monk molested the boy before he turned the boy over to the police?

    You know how they LOVE that.

  • Ian

    The way I read the title was he had been imprisoned for 30 years. I wonder how many others there are who may have had far harsher experiences. What a turd of a monk. Are monks not bound by the confessional?

  • Ricky

    I believe Monks are not, but priests are.

  • terrwill

    What happened to the vows of silence the Monks make??

  • B

    No. 5 · terrwill wrote, “What happened to the vows of silence the Monks make??” Probably the same thing that happened to that hermit in The Life of Brian, where Brian falls into the hermit’s cave and disturbs him to the point where he breaks his vow of silence (after being silent for 30 years), just as a crowd of Brian’s unwanted followers show up. The hermit then complains, “I haven’t spoken for 30 years and he made me speak!” The crowd interprets it a bit differently and someone shouts, “A miracle!”

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