Stacy Layne Matthews Joins 'Lets Have a 3 Way' Podcast as Co-host

Stacy Layne Matthews RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 Featured Image
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Stacy Layne Matthews has joined the Ohio-based gay-themed podcast ‘Lets Have a 3 Way’ as a new co-host.

Earlier this month, during our Ask Me Anything LIVE! Q&A session with her, Stacy announced that she would be joining a podcast following her move to Ohio. She officially made the move on Sept. 8, and just two days later (on Sept. 10) her debut episode premiered. Listen to the full debut episode below.

‘Lets Have a 3 Way’ Episode 27 – Relaunch With Stacy Layne Matthews

Episode Synopsis: “In this episode we relaunch our podcast with a new co host, Stacy Layne Matthews. We all know Stacy from season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but in this episode we learn about the real Stacy Layne Matthews. From growing up in Backswamp North Carolina to her love of Hispanics. From being named prom king to appearing in over 50 plays and musicals. Stacy Layne Matthews is an incredible person, and now she is also a co host of Lets Have A 3 Way. She joins original co hosts Ace and Adam in making you laugh while being dirty but real.”

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