Steve Grand Puts Nude Spin On Ice Bucket Challenge

1662320_281963098667966_8628368991076029824_nIf you’re among those who have been ambivalent about taking the fund-raising Ice Bucket Challenge due to the severe drought plaguing parts of the world, you can count Steve Grand among your number. Still, the first openly gay country singer has found a way to support the charity, which has raised nearly $100 million for the ALS Association, that makes us want to follow suit. Grand, no stranger to stripping off his clothes, put his own spin on the popular challenge and jumped into the icy waters of Lake Superior following a show in nearby Duluth, Minnesota.

The photogenic entertainer later posted a photo and the following message to his Facebook page:

I don’t always get naked, but when I do, it’s for a good cause. I didn’t want to waste fresh water (since there are so many without) so naturally, I jumped into Lake Superior, naked, after my performance here in Duluth, MN. Video to come soon. I’m donating to ALS (visit alsa.org/donate) as well as 2 other charities I am passionate about. (Thewaterproject.org and a local LGBTQ homeless youth charity). I nominate ALL of you, to find a charity you are passionate about (in addition to ALS), do your research, and donate according to your means. Love you all!  -Steve

Did you catch that? There’s video to come! In the meantime, watch other celebs take the challenge here and here.