Plus, George Takei Gives 'Simpsons' Crew The Creepers

Sticky Icky Lance Bass

Lance Bass doesn’t appreciate when potheads clog up the potty. Page Six reports that the former boy bander got combative at Hiro recently when “folks smoking funny-smelling cigarettes” barricaded themselves inside the bathroom. And, as we know, Bass can mean serious business.

One witness squeals: “He was banging on the door like a diva, yelling, ‘What the [bleep] are you guys doing in there? Finally he just yelled, ‘I just have to pee!’…” Bass then went in, came out and shook everyone’s hand – sans hand sanitation. Maybe he just forgot…

Meanwhile, in other gay gossip, The Simpsons reportedly no longer employ Star Trek star George Takei because he got a little creepy.

[Producers stopped hiring him because] he “creeped out the staff” and kept calling one of the interns “sweetie.” So said [multi-voiced] Hank Azaria…

[Azaria also] shared his theory on what happens to “many, many” supporting Simpsons characters, including Old Sea Captain and Lenny and Carl: “They start out delightfully wacky and then they get really stupid – and then they turn gay.”

That Old Sea Captain always did seem a bit light in the peg leg.