Bloody Mary?

Straight Man Deemed Too Swishy For Blood Donation

Last week in Gary, Illinois (no, not Indiana) about 30 miles south of Chicago, a self proclaimed effeminate straight man and resident of Gary, Aaron Pace, walked into Bio-Blood Components Inc. to donate blood. He says that he was “humiliated and embarrassed” when the blood bank turned him away because they thought he might be a homosexual. Pace says, “It’s not right that homeless people can give blood but homosexuals can’t. And I’m not even a homosexual.”

Possibly just metrosexual?

Gawker reports: “It’s not clear how Pace’s “looks, character, and behavior” made him “appear” homosexual, given that a., no one from Bio-Blood Components Inc… is discussing the matter with The News; and b., no official, definitive “homosexual” code of looks, character, and behavior exists.”

The Chicago Sun Times reports that “no one at Bio-Blood returned calls seeking comment, but donation centers like it, and even the American Red Cross, are still citing a nearly 30-year-old federal policy to turn away gay men from donating.”

So, yes. The law that states that men who have had sex — even once — with another man since 1977 are not allowed to donate blood is homophobic and ridiculous. But we’re still stuck on the whole he “appears-to-be-homosexual” thing. I’m sorry, but child, please. That has got to be against some kind of law, right?

When we called Bio-Blood Components Inc. in Gary (at 219-932-6388) the receptionist said that they “are not allowed to give any information about that.” So we called their corporate office (at 901-384-6200) and have been waiting for President Larry Moss to call us back…

Still waiting. But not holding our breath.

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