What is a ‘Drag Queen Chaser’?

Well, here’s an interesting topic for you…

In the video above, The Young Turks answer the question “What is a drag queen chaser?” following an article that was written Thursday on Slate entitled ‘Courting Queens: A Look at Boys Who Chase Gurls‘. The video is a little rough to watch as the host and guest tread lightly around the topic in their best attempt to not offend anyone, for which we appreciate their sensitivity.

Here’s how the very interesting Slate article starts off:

[quote]It’s a conundrum familiar to every drag queen, even if she doesn’t talk about it publicly: How should one feel about Chasers, the men who aggressively pursue drag performers? To be clear, I’m not talking about so-called “tranny chasers,” the admirers who harass transgender people, described in a recent Outward article by Christin Scarlett Milloy. I’m talking about the men who will do whatever it takes to get lucky with queens like me—despite the fact that we queens are no more than grease-paint illusions.[/quote]

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