Straight People’s Attitudes Toward Gays Have Changed And Most Want You To Keep Your Job

survey-orangeThere’s a new survey out about how Americans feel about gays, and the news is pretty good.

One of the most startling findings: most people think it’s illegal to fire someone for being gay. And in some states, it is — but in most, it is not. You could be out of a job at a moment’s notice just for being suspected of liking Judy Garland a little too much.

Fully 69 percent of respondents said that federal law protects LGBT employees. (It does not.) Crazily, just 13 percent knew that firing gays is legal.

The survey comes from YouGov and Huffington Post, and covers 1,000 adults. (Not likely voters — just grownups.)

Support for marriage equality is at 48 percent in the poll, which sounds wrong to us. Most reputable surveys put the number in the fifties. Opposition is at 42 percent.

So, how accurate is this survey? Eh, maybe it’s kind of accurate. Hard to say, but most of those figures seem a little suspect. But another survey on the site shows that Robin Thicke has a rating of 44 for “really like,” so clearly these are very serious scholars.