SUNDANCE: Chris Crocker On His New HBO Doc, Partying With Paris Hilton And Vlogging Sincerely

Over the next week, Evan Mulvihill will be reporting on the best gay-interest screenings, parties and panels at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. (PS: Check in on our sister site, GayCities, if you’re there!)

Chris Crocker has been in Park City, UT, for the past week promoting Me at the Zoo, a documentary that explores his rise to YouTube fame and the ensuing ups and downs. While at Sundance, he’s partied with Paris Hilton, checked out Grindr with his “official but not official” husband and sat down with Queerty for an interview. Chris tell Queerty the “Leave Britney Alone” video that launched him to Web stardom was sincere, but admits to playing up the character a bit. And he also tells us he’s changed his mind about porn and wants to move to New York to write songs and make music. (The porn-to-musician route is well-paved, Chris.)

Check it out above and expect Me at the Zoo to hit HBO this summer!`

Photo via Jasper Rischen

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  • MEJ

    Glad to see he’s given up the idea of doing porn.

  • Red Meat

    …Why was Paris Hilton there? LOL

  • Marie Cohn

    Minute 14 (tick, tick, tick . . .)

  • Brandon H

    Wait…So no porn now? I thought he had it all lined up with Chi Chi LaRue. What a cock tease!

    Figures though, now that he’s getting his attention from the documentary he doesn’t need to do porn.

  • Cam


    He didn’t say he wasn’t doing Porn, he said he’s not sure whats going on with that right now. So to checked I googled his name and Porn and it looks like he has launched his own porn site.

    Looks like he’s still doing Something. Although I have to admit, I could only get through about 7 min of the video before I just gave up.

  • BubbasBack

    LOLOLOL. What a joke this looney is. And that whole porn thing? Big publicity stunt to achieve just this, more exposure to satisfy his total need for validation and fame. Indeed, his 15 minutes should’ve been loooong gone. Come down to Alabama. We’ll put you to work on the farm and make a man out of you. Burp.

  • ousslander

    exactly the type of person that should be celebrated and young gays should look up to

  • Oh, ok.

    I thought he gave up and got a real job. Ah well eventually he’ll turn to coke(not soda), only a matter of time.

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