Super Bowl Will Make You Gay

The Super Bowl stink keeps on wafting. While gay groups spent much their post-game time attacking Snickers for their allegedly anti-gay ad, some more conservative viewers were taking on the event’s “pro-homosexual themes”.

As we discussed before, a number of Americans took the Snickers ad as an endorsement of homosexuality, rather than an attack on same-sex love. According to The Smoking Gun, the FCC received over 150 complaints about the Super Bowl’s gay ways, including some flack for Prince’s phallic-heavy performance. One incensed viewer wrote that he dreamt of having a football playing son, but now fears that CBS has turned him into a homo. Another viewer fumed:

My husband rushed in to see the men kissing. This violates our religious beliefs and exposes our children to obscene and disgusting material they are taught are wrong. I want something done about this!

Well, the homos rallied against Snicekrs and parent company, Masterfoods. Maybe the conservatives can boycott the Super Bowl. But, then, of course, they’d lose the chance to watch all those big men getting sweaty and crashing into one another. And what straight man would want to miss that?